1. Amna_Amo

    Reward for Fasting 6 Days After Eid-ul-Fitr in The Month of Shawwal

  2. S

    Reciting of Fateha & Quran for people lost their life in recent days in Karachi

    Reciting of Fateha & Quran for people lost their life in recent days in Karachi
  3. H

    Last 10 Days of Ramazan... In Humbleness and sincerity Let us pray for PEACE & OUR COUNTRY

    MashAllah we are in the last 10 days of Ramazan... Wow how this month has flown... They have been hot and long…but Shukar Alhamdullah it was easy... Let us all pray in these last days of then ights of power that Allah SWT restore peace in our country… Pray, Oh Allah please restore PEACE in...
  4. sarbakaf

    No Need of Army, Police can restore Karachi's peace with in days - Haroon Rasheed.

  5. T

    Kalma Chowk Flyover in 135 days = SHAHBAZ SHARIF ZINDABAD

  6. mohib

    Amir Liaqat did his Phd in 20 days?

  7. J

    Once Again, two different days for starting Ramzan in Pakistan - Its first Ramzan in Peshawar today

    :p Pishawar ma roza nazr aa gia..kal pehla roza ho ga...Roze ko Qasim khan masjid walon na dekha...wo kahen kaam sa ja rha tha to unhen na dekh lia..jis ka bad ab kal peshawar ma roza ho ga...lolz
  8. mohib

    This is what Amir does after getting banned for spot-fixing.

  9. News Watch

    News Watch - 22nd July 2011 - Law & Order Situation in Karachi

  10. ealtaf

    Zardari Tenu Chukay Mola - Spent 500,000/- of this poor nation on Recent visit to London
  11. K

    This Old Melodious Song Reminds me of peaceful days of Pakistan.

  12. GraanG2

    100 Days plan from PMLN....Photocopy Machine League Nawaz Group...hahahaaha.

  13. haqiqat

    MQM your bad days have started this guy will screw u very soon lets support this guy

  14. maldiaal

    PTI's First 100 Days PLAN - PTI would withdraw from the US led WOT & instead declare war on corrupti

    Well guys our LION has finally roared to make our nation prosperous and dignified. May ALLAH swt help us all................
  15. Asif shah

    Pakistan won't last war with India for 45 days: Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar

    In a shocker, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar has opened a verbal front against his own country. In an interview with a western broadcasting company, the worthy defence minister said Pakistan’s military might is half that of India’s. He also said Pakistan doesn’t have the capacity to fight a...
  16. L

    100 Days Of War With Libya

  17. L

    Dr. Aafia Siddiqui 3000 days in USA jail

  18. J

    Baba Ramdev fast ends After 8 days fast

    He has broken his fast. He took fruit juice, Ravi Shankar told reporters after meeting Ramdev in hospital. Baba had everything going for him. However, cracks appeared when his trust assests were made public. His assets and money in his bank hardly made him a campaign leader against corruption...
  19. Salik

    The last ten days... Read if you get a chance...

    PakNationalists Forum And Pakistan National Council Of Arts Jointly Launch A Book And A Seminar PakNationalists Forum is honored to release on 11 June 2011 this book, titled, in its English translation, ‘The Last Ten Days: The Words Of A Pakistani Soldier’. It is an inspiring story of a...
  20. jerry719964

    Some Interesting Pictures around the world in recent days !!!

    A policeman helps LARRY the downing street cat to get into the house An American Father wears different costume everyday for a year while sending his 15 yr old kid to school Madame Tussuads celebrate 90th birthday of duke of edinburgh A toy bus The US plane which...

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