1. Pakistani1947

    US Congressman Resigns In Internet Sex Scandal

    June 16, 2011 U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner is resigning from the House of Representatives after an Internet sex scandal. He apologized for what he called "personal mistakes" and for the embarrassment he caused. Weiner has admitted to exchanging explicit photographs and messages with six...
  2. L

    US Congressman Anthony Weiner Apologizes for Twitter Scandal

    No doubt he is non-Muslim but he is honest with his nation. Copy n paste link in your browser Rep. Anthony Weiner Apologizes for Twitter Scandal, Racy Photo [url][url]
  3. FaisalLatif

    Congressman Pat Buchanan vs Neo-Cons

  4. FaisalLatif

    The Great Congressman Ron Paul on Israel, Crisis, Obama

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