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    Nalaiqo! Ahmaqo! Quaid e Azam Ko Izzat Do | Waleed Iqbal's Speech

    the senate of Pakistan is worse than children's nursery what a shame PML-N
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    PDM is one of the most confused group of cartoons.

    i agree 100% in the rally, they abuse army then Bilawal calls army chief for help it is bizarre then they say they want to fight with the army, then they saw they are in touch with the army
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    Now International media also reporting civil war in Pakistan

    let them report what they want the reality today is that the whole world is full of fake news and conflicting reports it will die down like all other fake news created about Pakistan the sad thing in whole scenario is that Pakistan's biggest threat is from its own citizens Gaddari dna mein hain...
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    Saeb Erekat: Why Israel Chose to Aid an Ailing Enemy

    Soon Palestinian people will end up like Rohingyas
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    عمران خان 120 نئی احتساب عدالتیں بنانے میں ناکام

    Firstly Mubashar Lucman cannot be trusted in his haphazard reporting whether it is against PTI or PML-N regarding these courts, there must be members in PTI who know later on their necks will be caught also when courts increase, so they won't want it and will just manage IK here and keep him...
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    Priti Patel is bound to deport Nawaz Sharif, reports Financial Times.

    NS is a cancer no matter how much radiation therapy, he keeps on lingering
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    Live with Dr. Shahid Masood - 19th Oct 2020 - Kuch Na Samjhe Khuda Kare Koi

    shahid masood kya ung patang baatein karra hai
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    Nawaz does the unthinkable, names Army and ISI cheifs: Shekhar Gupta

    i am happy that indians are celebrating with NS let them all be exposed And thanks to Modi, he has damaged India more that any ISI or Pakistan army could do I pray he remains in power for life to ensure India starts looking like Somalia soon
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    We made a mistake by giving army chief an extension - Zubair Umar

    the same game they played against Musharraf, they think it will work this time Musharraf was accused of war crimes, secretly allowing drone attacks in Pakistan, missing persons, etc and the list goes on and on there is nothing against current Army administration, so all there instigation will...
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    Who the hell is PTI to defend Pakistan army - Asks Rana Sana

    this rana pig should know that it is the right of every Pakistani to support the army it is very sad that such goons are on tv and to see that millions of mental people still support them blindly
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    Capt (retd) Safdar arrested from hotel in Karachi: Maryam Nawaz

    this bastard should cry and do raks on grave of maryam grand father why do this drama in father of nation grave? throw him in jail forever
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    Capt (retd) Safdar arrested from hotel in Karachi: Maryam Nawaz

    he shd be in jail and they shd throw the key away
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    Why Saeed Anwar supporting thugs?

    what rubbish...bohot zaada hogaya
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    Why Saeed Anwar supporting thugs?

    Saeed Anwar gives speeches and I have seen in his 'dars;, he has taunted and attacked Imran Khan. So I am not surprised to see him with PML-N if he supports them at all
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    is Imran Khan Anti Punjabi ???

    what nonsense, IK is probably only politician doing national politics for country and not ethnic politics
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    Former cricketer Saeed Anwar welcomed Maryam Nawaz at PDM Rally

    i dont think this is fake news Saeed Anwar made fun of IK during his lectures in the mosque in tableegh jamaat So he could be a long time PML fan and supporter its his life...but sad to see him among crooks and thieves
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    The total count of people is 15-18k - Fawad Ch

    even if crowd is 50,000, will it make any desired change for them?
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    نواز شریف صاحب کو اتنی گرمی کیوں لگ رہی ہے۔

    this guy should be banned for life his punjabi supporters should wake up and smell the coffee