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  1. Imranpak

    ہندوستان نے سپر سونک میزائل بنا لیا : ہرجیت سنگھ اولکھ

    Yeh missile gau ke peshaab se chalti hai!😃😃 We know what happened to Chandadyaan 2🤣🤣
  2. Imranpak

    International Establishment is backing Nawaz Sharif - Brigadier (R) Farooq

    They can back him all they want. Allah has decided that Nawaz is history.
  3. Imranpak

    PM Writes To Mark Zuckerberg Asking For Ban On Islamophobic Content

    IK and Erdogan are the only Muslim leaders with any guts. The rest are all jokers and clowns.
  4. Imranpak

    America and Saudis are fully behind Nawaz Sharif to topple Khan - Bakhshi

    This video is from Oct 21. They won't be able to topple IK, no chance. India hopes their dog Nawaz returns but it's not gonna happen.
  5. Imranpak

    Ajit Doval indicating potential war with Pakistan.

    This ugly dog will regret the day he picks a fight with Pak. They also have many internal problems as well and China is sitting on their ass. We also know that war is inevitable with the piss drinkers as does our military. This will be the final and all conquering war with the Mujahids will...
  6. Imranpak

    How Pakistan International Airlines helped start Emirates?

    Past does not matter. Only the current and future does. Screw the Arab's, all of them.
  7. Imranpak

    Breaking News: Blast in Quetta.. Another Sad day !!

    IK and his pacifism are also to be blamed for this.
  8. Imranpak

    Pakistan key to Afghan peace, so India must keep a low profile: Abdullah.

    Pak not India is Afghanistan's neighbour. All Pak has to do is arm the Afghan Taliban to kill outsiders. There is no way on earth India can take over Pak and Afghanistan rather the opposite is far more likely. They have been our slaves for centuries.
  9. Imranpak

    I have a news that Nawaz Sharif is trying to run away from London - Orya

    More then Nawaz we need to seize his money. If we manage to do this Nawaz will be forced to return or live life working abroad doing a common job for the rest of his life. At best he will try to movie to America or Canada.
  10. Imranpak

    No place to hide in London!!!

    No way can Nawaz be PM again. He is finished as a politician big time. Nawaz has psychological problems now with all the abuse he has been put through. His behaviour and body language suggests a very weak and frustrated man who knows all his wealth is about to be seized.
  11. Imranpak

    This is why Nawaz Sharif is being Sorely Missed across the border!!!

    Grey list is okay. It has no real impact on Pak at the moment.
  12. Imranpak

    Two Muslim women stabbed under the Eiffel Tower France

    Muslim people need to understand that the more they kill those who insult Islam the greater the number of perpetrators. When such incidents happen in non Muslim countries it is Muslim countries who have to take action by banning their products. Only way to end this is by hitting non Muslim...
  13. Imranpak

    Any misadventure by India in GB or AJK will invite full spectrum response..

    Pakistan is not Nepal or Bangladesh who will tolerate any Indian misadventure. Remember Abhinandan's capture among other recent incidents when Rapeistan messed with us.
  14. Imranpak

    Mass hysteria as Indian media relentlessly covers imaginary war in Pakistan

    Rapistan is far more close to a civil war then Pak is. Congress is hammering Modi over China having annexed Indian land.
  15. Imranpak

    Australian forces kill Afghan prisoner due to lack of room on aircraft

    Aussies are known racists. Nothing surprising here.
  16. Imranpak

    Priti Patel is bound to deport Nawaz Sharif, reports Financial Times.

    We have o find a way to bring Nawaz back. Priti won't do it for us.
  17. Imranpak

    Civil War has started in Pakistan - Indian National media

    This is what happens when you drink too much gau moot! The hammering by China has got to their heads! They hope civil war occurs in Pak before we team up with China to invade India. Ghazwa-e-Hind has already started. There are no mass civil protests rather a few usual dharna's whilst corona is...
  18. Imranpak

    Afghanistan: Stampede near Pakistani consulate kills several

    The only disgusting thing are these Afghan terrorists who have only given Pakistan and it's people trouble. Fk off there if you love them so much! These jahill Afghans are the biggest traitors on the planet who bite the hands that feed them. The Iranians got it right by keeping them in cages...
  19. Imranpak

    Afghanistan: Stampede near Pakistani consulate kills several

    Yeh jo severely sick hein are probably terrorists pretending to be that. Let them go to India for treatment. These traitor Afghan dogs can never be our friends. They come to Pak and take over jobs of our Pathans who hate them as well. Best is that they sell their woman to Indian's for some help...
  20. Imranpak

    Afghanistan: Stampede near Pakistani consulate kills several

    I understand their desperation but we can not keep accepting these people from whom many would be terrorists. Most of them hate Pakistan/is as well. They always bite the hands that feed them, go to India who they love so much.