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  1. Imranpak

    Arnab: The News Prostitute

    Folks Ram Gopal Verma a famous Indian movie maker will soon be releasing "Arnab: The News Prostitute" film on infamous and incredibly biased news anchor Arnab Goswami in which he promises to disclose the truth behind Arnab and his Republic TV. Arnab, for those who do not know is a Hindu...
  2. Imranpak

    Peer Pinjar Sarkar.

    What do you people think of Peer Pinjar Sarkar if you've heard of him?. The old man is a big hit on youtube with his predictions☺ Here is an example.
  3. Imranpak

    Why is Zaid Hamid not talking?

    I have great respect for Zaid Hamid although may not agree with all that he says. Just wondering, why has he not spoken or had a press conference since being released?
  4. Imranpak

    Why does keep buffering?

    Does anyone else have a problem with buffering so much, if so have you any solutions? and others are fine, dailymotion was also okay until a few days back.
  5. Imranpak

    Salman Khan devil worship.

    Bollywood is now openly propagating devil worship as shown here by so called Muslim Salman Khan. This is why all Pakistanis even sensible Indian's should abandon it.
  6. Imranpak

    Pakistan 2014 astrology predictions.

    Here are some astrological predictions on how thing will go for Pakistan this year. I am not a believer but posting them for the sake of entertainment. From a political perspective I agree with many things Samia Khan is saying like we're making a comeback at Cricket folks:) Indian guy also...
  7. Imranpak

    British SKY v Virgin media.

    Can any British satellite customers of SKY tell me what Pakistani channels they receive for free. I have Virgin on cable where ARY news is the only one so I am thinking of switching if can negotiate a better deal. I mostly only watch Sport, which of the two would be cheaper?.
  8. Imranpak

    Your top 10 Hollywood movies.

    Name your top 10 Hollywood movies that you can watch repeatedly. Mines are as follows. If anyone has seen "Escape Plan" give your take on it, has Pak guy Faran Tahir with Sly and Arnie(clap)(clap)(clap). Read him...
  9. Imranpak

    What happened to Jamshed Ahmed the left arm pacers who destroyed India with Anwar in the famous unde

    Now that Anwar Ali Khan has made it in the Pakistan side I am wondering what happened to Jamshed Ahmed the left arm pacers who destroyed India with Anwar in the famous under 19 final. He looked the part back then in fact the most likely of the two. Anyone know if he is still playing??
  10. Imranpak

    Amazing video! How did he do that!?

    is an amazing video where two people are cut in to half!! Can't figure out how he did that!:13: Can someone please embed video!
  11. Imranpak

    Problems with this site.

    Is anyone else having problems with this site after it was hacked a few days back? Pages are taking forever to load and the "quote" facility is also not functioning.
  12. Imranpak

    India loves Pakistan!

    We often attack Bharat for being rapists, killers and oppressors but let us also give them credit when they do something nice and humane for a change:) is a new website trying to make peace between the two countries. Such gestures are appreciated and gives hope...
  13. Imranpak

    If you were made Pakistan PM for a year.

    What changes would you implement if you were PM of Pakistan for a year. I would firstly abandon the so called WOT then stop the drones that can be easily done. Break the begging bowl and live a very modest life asking others to do the same. Education must be a priority amongst the downtrodden...
  14. Imranpak

    Countries you have visited or want to visit.

    Good people this thread is about countries you have visited or would like to see. I have the USA, Canada, Saudi, Spain, Dubai, Germany, France and of course Pakistan many times. Spain was a favourite thanks to the atmosphere and beaches, the people were a bit distant. Would like to see...
  15. Imranpak

    What you doing for Eid?

    A bit early to discuss Eid but wondering how other's here plan to spend it, do explain in detail? After prayers I hope to see my siblings, a few friends and eat well. Biryani is always my favourite then there is always rice and sweet dishes. Will make a few calls to Pak as most do in the west or...
  16. Imranpak

    The infamous Imranpak.

    I am Imranpak from Scotland! Most people here are familiar with my extreme patriotic views where I defend Pakistan and it's military without any apologise. Consequently, many Bharatis have been taught a lesson with more still having left this site after receiving a good bashing from me(cry). I...
  17. Imranpak

    Sikh's treated better in Pakistan then India: Akali Dal. Srinagar, July 23 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, a delegation of Punjab-based Sikh organization, Akali Dal, announcing complete support to the Kashmiris right to self-determination has said that...
  18. Imranpak

    India: A dangerous place to be a woman.

    Just watched this programme that I want to share with others. It's eye opener that reveals the condition of women in India, very upsetting though:(. 115105
  19. Imranpak

    Floods bashing Bharat.

    I don't mean to gloat but seems that no one has noticed the massive floodings in Bharat having claimed at least 130 lives with more then 70,000 stranded in the middle of nowhere. I do think that this is divine retribution over all the carnage they have been inflicting in Pakistan through...
  20. Imranpak

    Greatest Pakistan Cricket eleven.

    On the basis of watching some old video's of Pak sides I have chosen the following as the best ever. The closest call was between Zaheer Abbas and Saleem Malik where I have chosen the former where as Asif Iqbal also just missed out. Choose your own side. Hanif Muhammad Saeed Anwar Javed...