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    Re: Domocracy and Khilafat Khilafat is not territorial. It is for the entire Muslim Ummah. Relocation is not necessary. It will come to every part of Islamic world Insha Allah.
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    100 questions on

    Domocracy and Khilafat A while earlier I had this dialogue with my father (who just happens to be a very strong supporter of Pakistan Media and ). Me: Why the death news of Yash Chopra is given so importance on Pakistani Media? Dad: It is news, just like any other news from around the world...
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    PIMS Hospital Name Changed to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University

    Change Everything to Bhutto While we are at it, lets change everything to Bhutto. Islamabad is now Bhuttoabad, Rawalpindi is now Bhuttopindi, Lahore is now Bhuttohore Karachi is now Bhuttoachi, D-Chowk is now Bhutto-Chowk, Prime Minister House is now Bhutto House, Presidency is now Bhuttoency...
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    Undercover - 13th November 2012 - Business of porn videos in Karachi!!.

    Like i said earlier, get your facts right. India has the highest porn search in the world. And about the sex industry and child rapes, please refer to your media. In india there is a rape occuring every 20 minutes. These statistics are for those which get reported. Your own media said that if...
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    Undercover - 13th November 2012 - Business of porn videos in Karachi!!.

    Re: Undercover - 13th November 2012 - Business of porn videos in Karachi!! I dont know why you are saying this, But I think you should do a little more research on this topic. There are hundreds of surveys and documentries on the internet where the impact of porn on WESTERN CIVILIZATION are...
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    Indian media and fans' blast Indian Cricket Team In Veena Malik's Show on India TV

    I wonder why Veena Malik has so grave expressions on her face. LOLxx *****.
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    Jurm Bolta Hai - 31st December 2012 - Dramatization of Shahzaib Khan Murder

    I remember that time when Raja Saqlain was in Pirwadhai Police Station. During Ramzan ever snooker club, video game center was closed for Taraweh and the same happened for Juma prayers. LOL, he was strict and did some good things in his area.
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    Congratulations Pakistanis, A New Leader on the Horizon. New Hope of Pakistan

    Re: Bilawal Zardari(Bhutto) in oxford.Sharm karo Zrdari What the hell are you talking about, Are you nuts? This guy has no political career, no political history, cant even speak his national language, never lived in Pakistan his whole life and you want him to be the leader. IK, NS, SS, AY...
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    Congratulations Pakistanis, A New Leader on the Horizon. New Hope of Pakistan

    Are you effing kidding me. I dont know what kind of pathetic person would want a leader who, 1: Never lived in Pakistan for more than a month. 2: All his life lived in Dubai or London or USA. 3: Is extremely impressed by western culture. 4: and most importantly CAN'T EVEN SPEAK HIS NATIONAL...
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    گڈ بائے، میری جانو - An Article

    PTA was supposed to do this in the start of 2012 but mobile operators didnt want to ban night packages. night packages and hourly packages are the ones which make them a very large sum of money. But there still is a loop hole here. If they are going to ban the night packages, kids are going to...
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    What is a LOOTA?

    AOA Forum Can any one please define a LOOTA. What is the true definition of it and please give example. Asking this question because if a person changes from one party to another then he is a loota, this is the most common definition. But what if a person starts to dislike the policies of a...
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    I bet you won't stop laughing - Chaudhry Nisar Exposed in style

    WTF?????? Dimag mei oxygen.... [hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar] One question to My Bahria Riaz though. The DUBAI in RAWALPINDI that he is talking about, who is that for? For the common man of Rawalpindi/Islamabad or the high ranking government officials who can afford a house worth 10 to 50...
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    Seems to be a Pretty Ballanced Geo-Political Anylisis of Muslim World?

    a very spot on analysis. Several powers want Anarchy in Pakistan and if God Forbidd anarchy does happen in Pakistan. All our so called beloved leaders of ppp, pmln, pmlq, mqm etc are ready to flee the country with their precious lives.
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    Pornoholic Pakistan

    yeah right Pakistan Government should regularize porn industry and should take some other steps as well. legalize the hira mandi and prostitution, legalize alcohol industry because it is being sold without any taxes, legalize corruption because billions can be generated in taxes on corruption...
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    MQM waloon se 1 sawal

    Are you effing kidding me? its been 65 years and you people still call yourself mohajirs? Instead of now calling yourself Pakistanis you guys still insist on being called mohajirs. Your beloved leader is a racist b****** who breeds terrorists. If your Altaf Bhai is such a great leader then why...
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    MQM waloon se 1 sawal

    Bro Have you ever been to Karachi? or Hyderabad or any other City of Sindh??? Your beloved leader is the founder of Racism in Karachi. My family is from Peshawar but I was born in RWP and I went to Karachi and almost every other urdu speaking brother was looking at me like I was not from...
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    Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons

    I am not sure if this is true or not, but I read somewhere that Bhutto was not ACTUALLY the one who started the nuclear mission. It was in the late reign of Ayub that he was handed an intelligence report stating that India is preparing a nuclear bomb (after the 65 war) He held a secret meeting...
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    A few questions for Imran Khan

    I strongly disagree. He has the guts to do several things which none of the stake holders in government, army and establishments were able to do. Like drones, corruption etc. I totally agree with most of his stance.
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    Pornoholic Pakistan

    In a society where pre-marital sex is allowed and every one can have sex as long as their partner is willing, Why do the rapes happen. When every one can get as much sex they want. If I am not mistaken then US is the country with the highest rape cases each year. And countries where PORN and SEX...
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    Pornoholic Pakistan

    Under the influence meant that when they are watching porn they will eventually indulge in sexual activity. If they are not married then they will go for sources which are prohibited like prostitution, exploitation etc. Men are not the only one who are into porn but there are women in this as...