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    تیل کی قیمتوں میں گراوٹ اور ان دیکھے اثرات

    16th century rise of British empire. 1918-19 Spanish flu 1939-45 Second World War and End of UK as world leader Rise of US as a new world leader 2020 Covid-19 Time for a new world leader.
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    Intelligent Anchors Could Not Pre-Empt AAP Clousre To Save Their Own Skin/Jobs

    Aftab Iqbal is out, he was never the owner. Malik Riaz has bought it from Aqeel Karim Dhedhi. It was perhaps meant for money laundering only. Now it will also be a media front of Behria along with the older functions.
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    Intelligent Anchors Could Not Pre-Empt AAP Clousre To Save Their Own Skin/Jobs

    May Allah forgive us and protect us from such situations. It is only about the persons who are disloyal propaganda machines. The journalists get us breaking news every day. They sniff them even from the closed doors and many a times blow them out of proportion. Anchors can discuss economy...
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    Feel for the trapped students in China, but this is becoming a global crisis and Pak is doing the right thing...

    According to a Hadith. If we hear about an epidemic then we should not enter that place and if we are already there then we should not leave that place. It can help the mankind on a bigger scale.
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    US State Department Reprimanded Pakistan for Misusing F-16s, Document Shows (US News & World Report)

    Does it really matter. We ALHAMDULILLAH have our own plane with equal or better capabilities than F-16 of 1980s.
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    Nominated Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed speech today | 29 Nov 2019

    Can't speak even a word without reading the paper !!!!
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    Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa Complete Speech

    IK must have appealed the decision of LHC in SC. He has done a blunder and should stop criticizing the courts.
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    پی ٹی آئی حکومت تمام ناکامیاں نواز شریف پر ڈال رہی تھی، وہ باہر جا رہے ہیں، اب کون سانیا بہانا بنایا جائیگا، منصور علی خان

    NS escaping from Pakistan after buying the justice in itself is an evidence that he could not even make a hospital where he can get his treatment in all those 35 years. While his younger brother used to say that the hospitals they are making are better than French hospitals. While now he is...
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    IK should Show His Power to Counter Pressure on Judiciary

    I was watching the election results live on that day. Before failure of RTS, PTI was winning and after it failed PML started to win and tend changed. Election commission, care taker government, ptcl internet, application development and all the arrangements were done by pmln. Votes were casted...
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    Black Day in Judicial History

    Another black day in the history of Lahore high court decisions.
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    IK should Show His Power to Counter Pressure on Judiciary

    I don't know why people can't discuss while remaining sober!
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    Danger to Nawaz Sharif's health increasing as time progresses | Marriyum Aurangzeb media talk

    It is just a matter of 15 seconds to give a formal guarantee being demanded by the government. Give that and leave who is stopping you?
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    IK should Show His Power to Counter Pressure on Judiciary

    I think IK should come out and show his power to counter NS and FR pressure on judiciary and the system. He should also speed up his fight against the corrupt elite. Submit appeals in supreme court against the decisions of lower courts.
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    If Nawaz Sharif doesn't come back, it will be politically advantageous for Imran Khan - Arif Nizami

    Wow, if he plans to return then what is harm in submitting the surety bonds. They can get the money back on his return. He came back to appear in the court else after the time lapse the verdict of NAB would have been finalized and then it could not have been reopened in any court of law. It...