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    Verbal fight between Shahbaz Gill and Khurram Dastgir

    Haram khor pug dasta khanzeer dakoo key gil nay b und phar d.
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    یہ سیاسی نہیں، جذباتی پریس کانفرنس لگ رہی تھی - عارف حمید بھٹی

    This haram raised khanzeer is next. The end of first family of corruption.
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    Pak Army captain martyred in South Waziristan attack: ISPR

    May Allah Grant highest honors in junnah. Pakistan Army Zindabad.
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    اگر عدالت عاصم باجوہ کا سوموٹو کیس نہیں لیتی تو۔۔۔ - مریم نواز

    × Oh the horror the horror of Safdars abused love cave. I am poisoned. 🤩
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    Kashmiris Don't Feel Indian, They'd Prefer Chinese Rule - Farooq Abdullah

    Even the animals don't want to feel Indians.. ugh. Piss drinkers.
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    اگر عدالت عاصم باجوہ کا سوموٹو کیس نہیں لیتی تو۔۔۔ - مریم نواز

    I am taking a suo moto on her thongs or panties, situation, what is she wearing?
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    Live with Dr. Shahid Masood - 27th September 2020 - Chances of Big War

    Dr, we the awam blame one institution which is responsible for these gutter born Satanist PLMN PPP ANP anti Pakistan khanzeers. These Satanist must be hanged in a public square.
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    استعفیٰ دینا آخری حربہ ہو گا - قمر زمان کائرہ

    A moron with partial hair transplant is a dumb Mother effing peice of pig's Tuttee. Zardaree will be hanged.
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    Maryam's Lion!!!

    A illiterate Tawaif raised on haram has human shaped followers... Punjab under the gutter born prostitutes of Lohaars. System has colon cancer.
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    وہ چار لوگ جنہوں نے نواز شریف کہ فرار میں مدد کی

    4 traitors must Be hanged period. But the Judiciary godfathers give these filth of Nawaz favors.
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    PM Imran Khan's article in WashingtonPost - "Peace is within reach"

    A brilliant well thought article by PM IK. His vision views on Afghanistan are quite well-known in Pakistan and around the globe. Peace through dialogue minus the foreign white supremacist crusader forces imposing it version of peace on Afghanistan. Imagine if it was Purchee reading retarded...
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    Imran Niazi bars Ministers and bureaucrats to meet military leadership

    Peeko, tell us about nayhari baz gutter family of Heera Mundee, the illiterate lohaar Dakoos.
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    شاہ زیب خانزادہ کی چلاکیاں

    Can't, sir reach nahee kurtaa due to being only 4 feet 8 inches height.
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    شاہ زیب خانزادہ کی چلاکیاں

    Correction, rectum may oil avajaataa hai.
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    فضل الرحمان کا نواز شریف سے ٹیلیفونک رابطہ،مختلف امور پر تبادلہ خیال

    Doh harami corrupt illiterate anti Pakistan pro Modi money laundering khanzeers, discussing looted wealth from Pakistan and how to protect it from awam.
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    شاہ زیب خانزادہ کی چلاکیاں

    The little midget anti Pakistan Wah haramzadah can go F himself. No one watches this little Tuttee, man.
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    PM Imran Khan's brilliant address to the UN

    Brilliant address at the UN by PM IK. Covered all areas of concern from Islamic viewpoint based from Pakistani prospective. Finally a leader from Pakistan who does not need PURCHEES, to read and has the ability to express thought without any apprehension due to extreme confidence and self...
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    Pick out the Tormentor of the Corrupt Mafias???

    Ask your mother, she screamed his name during his invasion of her VJs.