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    Manchester police : “Allah dy wasta ghar jaye”

    Wimslow road , you would see same scenes on eids chaand raats and on all occasions.
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    Hassan Nisar comments on 1 year performance of Imran Khan Government

    Every single word is a pearl of wisdom .
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    Three leading journalists to be arrested in coming days - Rana Azeem

    So questioning ur institutions for their wrongdoings and violations of their oath is still a treason ? Our corrupt elite will never learn lesson even from their dark past .
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    Which tweet of Fawad Chaudhary triggered PM Imran Khan? Here are the details

    Yeh government chal hi twitter per rahi hai to Fawad chaudhary ne kia ghalat kia ?
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    Hamza Ali Abbasi confirms his wedding with Niamal Khawar

    Ji yehi jan’na chah raha tha k chand mah ka bacha kese internet aur smart device use kr rha hai aur yeh aap ne khud hi explain ker dia , lagay rahiay .
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    Hamza Ali Abbasi confirms his wedding with Niamal Khawar

    Nahi apki umar aur zehni halat ka taqbli jaiza lene k liay pooch rha tha andaza ho gaya shukria .
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    Hamza Ali Abbasi confirms his wedding with Niamal Khawar

    Sir apki age kia hai ?
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    "Imran Khan has compromised his ideology" - Aniq Naji

    Strongly agree with Naji .
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    Why has Mustafa Kamal refused to participate in Ali Zaidi's Clean Karachi campaign?

    If karachi’s waste mismanagement is also to be blamed on Army too then our so called civilian leadership should stick to ball scratching only.
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    Watch views of mini Pakistan people about Naya Pakistan

    Awam mar rahi hai aur neeroo bansuri baja raha hai
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    Atif Zaman Ke Pass Kis Ne Kitna Paisa Lagaya? Dekhiye

    Poori quom short cut kay chakkaron main hai
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    PMLN and PPP are looking upon Molana Fazal ur Rehman for the moment - Hamid Mir

    He is just twisting the facts , in reality both parties cant gather any street power whereas molana can gather 100k easily on 1 day notice due to his madrasah power
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    Mohsin Dawar Ko Pak Army Ke Khilaf Kab Launch Kia Gia?

    This mercenary army will never learn its lesson they r cooking up two more Bangladesh same time one in fata other in blochistan .
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    Video of key Pakistani figure to emerge soon, reveals Imran Yaqub Khan

    Nauseating to see the way that cheap woman enjoying it .
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    Pakistani woman arrived to perform Umrah wearing male's Ehraam

    He is a transgender i think .