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  1. قائد کا متوالا

    Its a big shame for Punjab Govt - Rauf Klasra comments over lawyer's attack on PIC

    AAg aag to nahi lagi hoi albata khushi hoi hy ke ziiada tar Nooniye wakeel L*n pe chrain gy abb
  2. قائد کا متوالا

    CM Usman Buzdar breaks silence over lawyer's attack on PIC

    Phir Jab Banda Pathano pe baat karta hy to sab se pehlay tere neechay se awaaz aati hy. Be sharam
  3. قائد کا متوالا

    CM Usman Buzdar breaks silence over lawyer's attack on PIC

    Wai Taalaqi. De Khabaro ta de ogora Dalaa
  4. قائد کا متوالا

    یہ ملک فارغ ہو جائے؟؟ - محمداظہارالحق

    Zabardast. Sachy muhib e watan Pakistani ki dil ki tarjumani kar di
  5. قائد کا متوالا

    Faisal Vawda's prediction proves true for Senate chairman Sadiq Sanjrani

    i don't endorse this politics. But to be realistic i will follow the universal rule of "Do at Rome as the Romans do"
  6. قائد کا متوالا

    چیئرمین نیب سے ملاقات (دوسرا حصہ)۔ جاوید چوہدری

    Narrative build up kar raha hy Jeedah. Taa k agli dafa phir yahi Chairman lag jaye. Par Khan Saab Ko Shoaib Saddle jesay banda lagana Chahyie
  7. قائد کا متوالا

    Man who raped his two nieces sentenced to death by court in Rawalpindi

    Public Hanging should have been given to this sick man
  8. قائد کا متوالا

    What did Prime Minister Imran Khan reply to Usman Buzdar's performance? Khawar Ghuman tells

    Shaami ki Cheehain bata rahi hain daal main Kuch Kaala hy
  9. قائد کا متوالا

    Flying Helmet of Indian Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan - New Addition to PAF's War Trophies -

    Fatty Paid PMLn patwri, your stunted growth is self-evident. The guy had this face after he was beaten by the locals when captured. but i know you forgot the video of the incidence. He was OK before the attack. So the answer is HELMET was intact.
  10. قائد کا متوالا

    Huge setback for PMLN & PPP from Multan

    AS if your are from Pakhtunkhwa. PTI did Well that is why got 2/3rd majority