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  1. ali-raj

    Digital Media Activists - A Platform for every activist #ActivistsInKarachi

    Recently, a group of digital media activists [Twitteraties / Facebookers /Instagrammers] joined their heads together and came up with an idea to create a platform, which is not backed by any political entity , but by activists for activists. The idea came to life on 6th September. When in...
  2. ali-raj

    سانحہ موٹروے، شیریں مزاری اور بیٹی ایمان مزاری ٹویٹر پر آمنے سامنے

    Yes CCPO will do his job, first you get raped, so that he can catch the culprits. He Cannot predict what will happen, his duty starts after crime. and what he said is true to every word. everyone should be careful and protect his/her own self.
  3. ali-raj

    Remember Mona Sisters ? Watch Her After More Than three Decades

    Don't forget the Bakwaas BH***A Bhutto.
  4. ali-raj

    Remember Mona Sisters ? Watch Her After More Than three Decades

    Nope. Infact an era, when our parents taught us not to say anything, just go with the flow, they stopped us from raising our voice, standing in front of injustice. An Era , which led us to this current situation. An era, where bribe was considered as a GIFT/MITHAI , where enlisting an imbecile...
  5. ali-raj

    Some facts about 1965 war from Sheerin Mazari's daughter...

    Shia Lobby buhat strong hai. It's not possible right now.
  6. ali-raj

    Pemra bans Dramas Ishqiya and Pyar K sadqay

    Told my wife about the ban, and she said both dramas are ended or aired their last episodes. Btw who is going to monitor Churails
  7. ali-raj

    Killing Or Suicide? Dr Maha Case Resolved

    Doctor ki koi pic bhi white coat mein nahin hai. Kis gaddi nasheen ki beti hai, aur huliya dekho.
  8. ali-raj

    'پاکستان کے بھی اسرائیل سے بالواسطہ تعلقات رہے ہیں'

    ارے کیا بھول گئے پاکستانی کہ میاں صاحب ایک طائفہ لے کر گئے تھے اسرائیل اپنی دوسری حکومت میں؟ اوہ یاد آیا اس وقت میڈیا بہت زیادہ آزاد تھا
  9. ali-raj

    ارطغرل غازی کا پاکستانی جرنیلوں کے لئے پیغام

    Unless Kashmiris really want to fight, no one can win a war for them. They are still afraid to fight. What is stopping them to comeout on streets since past 70 years. why few thousands are coming out , why not all the millions? Same goes for Palestinians.
  10. ali-raj

    VC DOW University ran away to USA

    Ahhhh - Judiciary(The Real Devil)
  11. ali-raj

    پی ٹی آئی حکومت کے پانج سال پورے کرنے میں ہمارا فائدہ ہے-طلال چودھری

    There is a saying in Punjabi , something like "Bund which goon" , same goes for Talal bechara. Someone please complete the quote :)
  12. ali-raj

    اے سرکار ھن کرنا کی چاھندے ان ؟؟؟

    Judiciary is corrupted by Noora Kapoora since 80's. Initiation was started as early as 1947. They should only provide justice. No comments. No Bias-ism. Need very harsh amendments in Judiciary. Hopefully, IK will be able to start it and hopefully, some good will come out of it.
  13. ali-raj

    سنت ابراہیمی کی ادائیگی سے لاعلم شخص نےنماز عید سے قبل 4 بکرے ذبح کرا دیے

    I disagree. Fawad ch fazool mein science ko islam mein ghusanay ki koshish kar raha hai. Unless someone sees the moon from it's own eyes (bionculars etc ok, not via satellite) , Chand nhi hota. yeh shariah hai.
  14. ali-raj

    خیبر پختونخواہ سے تعلق رکھنے والی اعلی تعلیم یافتہ خواجہ سرا

    Who asked this born Eunuch to dress, talk, act like a female? Is it necessary to copy a female to be a proper Eunuch? Though, i really like that this once broke some chains and did M.Fill. Next mission, get out of female persona.
  15. ali-raj

    Ertugrul Ghazi's Lead Actor on Working in Pakistan

    Because we follow Indian Culture & Trends.
  16. ali-raj

    کراچی میں قربانی کا جانور کرین سے گر گیا

    بتائیں گے کیسے کہ اتنا بڑاجانور لے کر رکھا ہے
  17. ali-raj

    اورسیز پاکستانیوں کی اصل اوقات

    Tania was fired when she wasn't able to justify her NGO intents. Zafar mirza on allowing non important drugs from India. They knew the stakes. Don't try to be over smart.
  18. ali-raj

    Peshawar during Space Age - Spectacular Video !

    Ensure he is on time with blender3d, it is very easy to get immersed and forget about other things (just like video games) , also get ready to discuss vfx,gfx,animation on every game & movie :)
  19. ali-raj

    Peshawar during Space Age - Spectacular Video !

    Made by Omar Gillani give credits or link where ever needed