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    Jahangir Tareen on PM Imran Khan's comments about him

    You cannot do this to businessmen. He has been a highest tax payer but he is victim of media bullying more than being corrupt. Tareen saab you will soon be back inshaaAllah
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    Even Geo Tv has become Majboor on giving Credit to PM IK for IPP Recoveries

    khan has prayers of common man. he has blessings of poor and the weak. you will face wreath of Almighty. He is bound to be successful because he has 2 basic qualities of seerat of rehmat ul alameen, the last Prophet of Allah SWT, Muhammad PBUH. He will rip you apart with just 2 qualities...
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    کشمیر تقریر کے ساتھ آزاد نہیں ہوگا، سینیٹ سراج الحق

    Haan bhooki nangi qaum ke cheekhny se ho ga aur phir pata chalay ga aik aur maulana madani JUIF-India kia trha modi ka paltu nikla hai
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    Shameful stuff

    then try finding it on a kotha (heeramandi) and if every efforts fails then ask Sohail Waraich who may get some assistance with Likes of Abid sher ali
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    Secret wedding:Ex ISI chief Zaheerul Islam issued notice by the familycourt

    Ye banda shakal se naan bayi ziada aur general kam lagta hai
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    سیاسی اختلاف اپنی جگہ لیکن خواجہ آصف کی بات ٹھیک ہے, فواد چوہدری

    Khaja is getting abused bcuz of hypocrisy. Agreeing or disagreeing is not an issue here. issue is they call BB pelli taxi and then later try to make Maryam peeli taxi. twada kutta kutta Saada kutta tommy
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    کسی مذہب کو کسی دوسرے مذہب پر فوقیت حاصل نہیں خواجہ آصف

    Dont do politics on this. He is only saying what you see and appreciate in west. this is a big strength where they make you believe that this is the way forward. We used to setup Friday prayers in a church and in a multi faith prayer room in a university.
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    عمران خان پاکستانیوں کو ارتغل غازی ڈرامہ کیوں دکھا رہے ہیں ؟

    Wah wah wah. exaclty what i was thinking when i was watching it. Nailed it.
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    عمران خان کا شو ختم - پیر پنجر سرکار

    from USA lets complain your hate speech. successful countries where you have immigrated to have one thing in common they let everyone live a good life. While our mullah and failed politicians thrive on killing helpless, weaker communities. After 1973 constitution everything failed even better...
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    Spain's Catalonia makes 'Niqab' mandatory ;)

    Whattt hypocrites do they know they will look like ..... oppressed women
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    Why Turkish Republic abolished the Caliphate

    مذہبی غلاظت میں ڈوبا رہتا You are other extreme who is as ugly as religious extremist
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    Choudry Shujaat writes a letter to Imran Khan on Media Plight...

    Gujarat ke haramion ne ZTBL aur National bank k saath wohi kia hai jo PIA ke saath huwa hai. Khan saab zara in gashtoron ko bhi tel dain
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    یہ حکومت شیطانی ریاست قائم کرنے جارہے ہیں- نفیسہ شاہ

    Is aurat ko aik aik second per Allah ki laanat pery
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    خدائی کا دعوی بہت سوں کو کرتے دیکھا تھا آج شکل بھی دیکھ لیں. گل

    show this video and ask journalists to learn something from a great captain
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    خدائی کا دعوی بہت سوں کو کرتے دیکھا تھا آج شکل بھی دیکھ لیں. گل

    They are using Imran Khan to sell their newspaper back in the days when Pakistanis were only interested to know about Khan. These bastards made millions by showing IK stories in politics. This pricks have failed IK everyday in politics and always begged IK to join shareefs.