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  1. shiningstar

    Imran Khan's unclear goals

    Imran Khan is here just to create anarchy and to disrupt the political stability. What were once amorphous demands have turned into ominous threats. And yet, even now, there is little clarity about what Imran Khan’s real goal is: electoral reforms or something more? The...
  2. shiningstar

    KPK has spent only 19.35% of the money allocated for education

    KPK has spent only 19.35% of the money allocated for education. Where is the rest of money gone? wrong march ?
  3. shiningstar

    KPK Govt has to pay 215 Million to Ministry of Railways

    KPK Govt has to pay 215 Million to Ministry of Railway, only Punjab paid its share of 800 Million.
  4. shiningstar

    Mr 90 days Imran Khan is even unable to conduct Local Body elections in 90 days. What else you expec
  5. shiningstar

    Cannot find 25 Oct 2012 episode of talkshow 'KYUN'

    Its been quite a while since I am searching for yesterdays' (25 Oct 2012) episode of political talk show 'KYUN' hosted by Arshad Sharif, any information about it?? Thanks
  6. shiningstar

    Why Imran Khan has given few months to other leaders for decleration of their assets??

    Imran Khan used to blame that Nawaz Sharif has supported Zardari for three years . For that he also used to make fun of him by acting like nonsense- claming that NS pretends as if he does not know tactics of Zardari but in actual they both are the same and things like that (I am pointing towards...
  7. shiningstar

    Can anyone give me asset details and tax returns of two PTI leaders mentioned in the thread.

    I would request all of my PTI brothers, could you please give me Tax Returns and asset details of Abdul Rashid Bhatti EX MPA and Mian Muhammad Azhar EX Governer, Ex President PMLQ?? Thanks.
  8. shiningstar

    Imran Khan ko sharam aane chahiyay. This quote exactly fits on his behaviour(Dusroon ko naseehat khu

    I have gone through a number of videos where Imran Khan is complaining and requesting others not to get personal. But his own activities and behaviour is exactly opposite to it. In his own speeches he is labelling Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif as 'Dengue Brothers'. By this he is not only doing...
  9. shiningstar

    Where is Imran Khan on Balochistan Issue??

    Balochistan is the burning issue of Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif has a couple of visits there (and this was his duty). He has also got links with Baloch Nationalists and popularity of PMLN has also increased there. In the mean time he is also trying to pull Nationalists back into the main stream...
  10. shiningstar

    PMLN is a source of relief for public while PPP Govt and Imran Khan fails.

    Pakistan Muslim League(N) has made another achievement after Judges Restoration by forcing the Govt to announce the end of Load Shedding. Lets see to which extent Govt sticks to it practically. PPP Govt is totally failed in all matters - from floods, energy crisis to implementation of court...
  11. shiningstar

    Where is Imran Khan on Electricity Issue??

    I have come to know through credible resources that Zardari is spporting Imran Khan. Now this electricity issue has made it clear that Imran Khan has got the support of Zardari. People are suffering and are on roads, where is Imran Khan hiding himself? He can only run fake Hakumat Hatao and Anti...
  12. shiningstar

    Imran Khan's PTI worker joins Awami Tehreek-e-Insaf - PTI walo apnay giraybaan main jhanko.

    PTI walo apnay giraybaan main jhanko........... log itni jaldi kyun tang aa jatay hain.............
  13. shiningstar

    Have anyone of you got the link of Nawaz Sharifs' speeches in Azad Kashmir.

    Nawaz Sharif is on a visit of Azad Kashmir now a days. Have anyone of you got the link of Nawaz Sharifs' speeches in Azad Kashmir. Thank you.
  14. shiningstar

    Danish Schools inagurated in three more cities of Punjab

    Salute to the efforts of the Shahbaz Sharif for the betterment of the people of Pakistan..............I am really happy that Education and Health are among his priorities............
  15. shiningstar

    Agreement between Punjab Govt and China in LiveStock, Agriculture.

    Another Busy and productive day spent by Shahbaz Sharif in China..INSHALLAH these agreements would be fruitful for Pakistan.
  16. shiningstar

    Punjab and China signed an agreement to generate 120 MW of Electricity

    This visit of China is successful due the visionary leadership of Great Shahbaz Sharif......................They have discussed about Mass Transit system, Power generation etc.
  17. shiningstar

    Anti-encroachment drive yielded results: Shahbaz- Keep it up Shahbaz Sharif

    Shahbaz Sharif chairing three meeting a days and working for the betterment of the people......Shahbaz Sharif carry on, these projects would be replicated by the future Governments like the Motorway Project............PMLN Zindabad!!
  18. shiningstar

    Issues raised by Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in National Assembly

    Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan raised various issues in National Assembly. He has highlighted the issue of Raymond release, killing in Karachi, Taxes imposed using presidents' ordinance etc
  19. shiningstar

    Have a look at open secret about who is involved in karachi unrest

    Current situation of Karachi Now people have started to mention names of criminals...May ALLAH give them more courage..........