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    China dismisses on US stubborn warning over Pakistan's debt with China

    A top Chinese diplomat has angrily spurned US criticism of his country’s multibillion-dollar infrastructure push in Pakistan as he publicly gave point-by-point reply to the objections raised by the acting US assistant secretary of state on Friday. Alice Wells, President Trump’s aide on South...
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    Protests as snake kills Indian schoolgirl in class

    WAYANAD, INDIA: Angry students at an Indian school protested on Friday after a 10-year-old pupil died after being bitten by a venomous snake lurking in a hole under her desk. Shehala Sherin was only taken to hospital from the school an hour after being bitten and once her leg turned blue, media...
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    Indian Vice Air Chief Accidentally Shoots Himself

    Indian vice air chief accidentally shoots himself NEW DELHI: The vice chief of Indian Air Force (IAF), Air Marshal S B Deo, has accidentally shot himself in his thigh, Indian media said on Wednesday. The reports added that Deo was rushed to a military hospital in Delhi where he underwent a...
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    Military Training for Pakistani Politicians compulsory & Human development

    The topic of Military training made compulsory for anyone going for post of Pakistan government offices. As previously blunders of Pml N, PPP made last 30 years. Hope it reaches Pakistan govt officials. Subscribe Operations Umah my Youtube channel to show support source deleted.
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    Breaking News : Uber eyes Pakistan potential market flying cars

    The news of Pakistan getting flying cars (or flying drones as taxi for local use) comes as no better prospect for all unemployed drivers here in Pakistan cities from Islamabad to Karachi. The news article appeared 1st in a very honest patriotic loyal newspaper media company. Visit...
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    A single drone helped Mexican Police drop crime rate by 10%

    A single drone helped Mexican Police drop crime rate by 10% - What this drone assisted shows the local police authorities used a ready available technology to fight the major criminals in the country. What Pakistan needs to adapt is to catch petty theft, car hijackings to kidnappings & smaller...
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    Pakistan worst performing currency in year 2018 & 3rd X time devalue of ruppee !

    The managed currency dropped 3.7 percent to close at 119.84 per dollar on Monday, State Bank of Pakistan said in emailed statement. The rupee is Asia’s worst-performing currency this year, data compiled by Bloomberg show. The devaluation comes amid a global emerging-market selloff that has...
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    Why to not visit Moscow ?

    With the white Westerners being stubborn to the international tourism or individuals coming in to their countries as compared to the PA Russki / Russians friendly attitude or a nuatral stance on everything goes to speak for itself on merit of their hospitality. It is not only cheaper to visit...
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    Water Taxi takes initial start

    After the announced running of water taxi, I am compelled to ask what has the U.K. government achieved, even with water surrounding area around the island? What had Canada government achieved? Maybe it is waakt to follow U.A.E. government to officially issue licenses to water taxi's? Finding...
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    Overseas Universities : International Student accommodation on-campus / off-campus housing

    University Students accommodation, are you paying its worth? Topic concerns University Students accommodation on campus, are you paying its worth? And everyday fact of life to get better deals in various other universities. The issue of accommodating is brought up for 5 main reasons : the SATs...
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    India doesn't have legitimate air force anymore

    After losing out on French Rafael's & cancel contract as termination by French. It only goes to show America sided with a wussy country to lose in war on terror! Now its back to pre Ronald Reagan era &Strong alliance with Pakistan government. India signals end of talks on larger French Rafale...
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    Moterbike trip turns into military mission

    Moterbike trip turns into military mission Upon stumbling over a motorbikes as hobby or means of transport to leading into discussion among friends. I thought to write an article, when I was astonished to learn some of the facts that are so openly printed in texts form in magazines to available...
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    Toronto-based thermostat company Ecobee faces off with Google

    Google. The article was titled "Google" simply but wondering how the "Toronto company title came about"? When first hearing on the idea of creation of Google back in late 1990's I was interested in its centralized idea of making the whole planet a database or directory based structure to begin...