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    Nationwide protest under way

    Pakistani media gagged by the champion of insaf and democracy, but the truth can not be hidden.
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    PTI ka Islam aur Pakistan dushman nisab

    Yeh kaisa naya Pakistan ban raha hai jaha: - Asal Khatme Nabuwwat ka aqeeda hata kar qadianio ka aqeeda dala gaiya - 8 class ki kitabo main nazriya Pakistan ka sabaq nikal diya - 4 class main Qaide Azam aur Allama Iqbal ke asbaq ghaib kar ke cartoon dal die - 5 class ke nisab se Islami heroes ke...
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    I did not hear anything wrong in Khadim Hussain Rizvis speech, judges remark

    Judge barred govt from further detention. High probability of release on bail. AlhamduLillah
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    Naya Pakistan?

    And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, "Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance." If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper. (Al Quran 2:120)
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    Fitch cuts Pakistan credit rating deeper into junk territory: Financial Times

    The markets have rejected the horseshit served up by pti propaganda machine about the economy. No, you can't blame this on pmln as it is the govt's ability to produce future value that has been downgraded. The dollar devaluation is also an indicator that the markets see less value in pkr in the...
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    Orya blasting govt over the death of scholar in police custody

    Calling govt munafiq for breaking the agreement. Says if CJP is true to his position he should take a suo moto on this death. Mufti Yusuf Sultani Shaheed was very old and was moved cruelly from prison to prison so he could not meet his family. Shame on ik!
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    Govt cutting NAB budget to scare NAB in Zulfi case

    NAB chairman exposed ik accountability promises, just days after Zulfi NAB officer resigned after being obstructed/pressurized. munafiq khan is the biggest con-artist in Pakistani history.
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    imran khan threatning to hang police officers with his own hands

    This is an important aspect of the current political situation, the past of the sitting govt and its hypocrisy. We have not forgotten the violence against police officers, the attack on ptv, the defaming of state institutions, and the call to anarchy. You may do whatever you want because you...
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    To all of you who think TLP is dead!

    - An attempt by police and rangers trying to smuggle firearms to frame Rizvi Sahib as a terrorist exposed - Multiple demonstrations all over Pakistan, police using violence against unarmed protesters - munafiq khan won't win by turning Pakistan into a police state and gagging media
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    Britain must offer refuge to Asia Bibi says Boris Johnson

    ritain should grant asylum to a persecuted Pakistani Christian woman and not be put off by concerns it would lead to unrest or attacks on UK embassies, Boris Johnson has said.The former Foreign Secretary said Asia Bibi had suffered “appalling treatment” because of her faith after she was wrongly...
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    Orya thik keh rahe hai

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    Genghis Khan getting ready for a bloody operation

    Not happy with belittling and threatening Muslims in Pakistan. Now Genghis Khan is planning a bloody operation to show shebaz sharif and musharaf how it is really done. Unlike shahbaz this crazy Khan will not let the media see all the blood. His advisors are not happy with him just humiliating...
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    Prosecution lawyers tell she admitted her crime and presented no defense

    Can any of the liberal lanties defending the decision explain: 1. how a person who admits to the crime, fails to defend herself in court, presents no defense witnesses or documentation can be released? 2. why has the lanti judges not then charged the people who in their view gave false witness...
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    Bilawal’s billions — all inherited or gifted

    ISLAMABAD: Bilawal Zardari Bhutto has declared before the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) his assets worth billions of rupees. According to details shared by PPP’s Chairperson in his nomination papers for the upcoming elections, he owns almost two dozens of properties, both inside...
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    IHC increases jail sentence for former judge, wife in Tayyaba torture case

    Brilliant judgment. Let this be a lesson for those who torture children. Next should be an increased sentence for that arrogant brat who stabbed Khadija. – Jail sentences for a suspended judge and his wife were increased to three years from one year by the Islamabad High Court in child maid...