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    Pakistan Past vs Pakistan Present.

    Wish Pakistan produces more genuine TV personal like RIP Tariq aziz rather than crap Hamid Mir and almost all what we see on TV now a days.
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    Finally found relevant clip...

    Indian muslims deserve what they are facing today.
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    Judge da Faisla!

    Judge: Hakoomat 30 mins may mujay bataiay mujay qabar may garmi lagay ge ya sardi... Govt: Sir yai hum kaise bata saktay han... Judge: Na-Ahal hakomat ko yai b nahi pata. Case Dismiss... Nawaz chor ko zamanat di jati ha... Order order order
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    Performance of Imran Niazi in this Month...

    1. Culprit of sahiwal incident cleared from charges... 2. bow down infront of Mualana deisel... 3. deal with Nawaz chor... 4. totally failed to collect taxes from corrupt so called taajir... 5. totally failed to make accountable matric failed media personals.
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    Corrupt Judges Mafia...

    RIP pakistan... IN Haram khor Judges ki wajah say Pakistan is gutteristan... The place which only suitable for corrupt, haramkhor... Kuffar are much much better than these haramkhor Judges... In Haramkhor judges ko chowk may ulta latka ker ibrat ka nisan bana daina chahiay....
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    Jab Aye Ga Kaptaan!

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    Pakistan heaven for corrupt people!

    Pakistan is best place to live for corrupt people... Judiciary; where the people are supposed to give justice are also corrupt. Army; they have created bloody moron politicians. Politician; they have looted pakistan badly still no punishment for them. Public; they are also mentally corrupt...
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    who does not even know how to stand on wicket....
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    Pakistan Railu katta very near to 500

    Pakistan 32/1 (9.2/50 ov)
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    AFghani should be kicked out from pakistan...

    AFghani should be kicked out from pakistan...
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    Sarfraz motaaa!

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    Shame on you Pakistani cricket team

    Shame on you pakistan cricket team...
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    Most ridiculous and uneducated bowler!

    کیا آپ حسن علی کی کارکردگی سے خوش ہیں ؟
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    Blunder by PTV: Audio got lost in PM's address to the nation

    MD ptv should be hang till death!!!
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    Pakistan should learn cricket from bangladesh

    Pakistan should learn cricket from bangladesh
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    Pakistan should Learn cricket from Afghanistan

    Pakistan should Learn cricket from Afghanistan Afghanistan 207/9 * (38.1/50 ov)