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    Haroon Rasheed’s Chawal

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    Different perspective on Muharram. Listen with an open mind

    Listen with an open mind
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    Journalists and the Plots

    List includes big names like Rauf Klasra Amir Mateen Muhammad Mallick Etc
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    I cant post any comment. Why?

    Every time I try to post a comment, it says ‘Server error’. I mean WTF???
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    Maria Memon & Shiffa Yousufzai about Imran Khan

    Maria Memon is part of Maryam’s Whats app group but sad to hear this from Shiffa Yousafzai.
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    Please Help and spread the message. It is Urgent!

    Memeber of Famous Band ‘Noorie’ Ali Noor needs urgent help. BLOOD GROUP: B +ev, B -ve, O +ve & O -ve. He needs a Liver Transplant in 48 Hours. He is in ICU. If any1 wants to help pls contact Beena Raza on twitter at handle @razabeena Thanks.