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  1. insaf-seeker

    Which country is European Union? Asked Usman Buzdar

    Yeh Media per baith ker jo chawal maar lain koi nahin poochnay wala... iss shaks ka khayal hai keh double master degree holder ko European union ka nahin pata ho ga!
  2. insaf-seeker

    DHA Lahore after rain

    So you were referring to Army's failure? Strange I thought you wanted WASA to be penalized
  3. insaf-seeker

    DHA Lahore after rain

    Go and check this place again... paani ka drain na hona poor infrastructure planning hai.. what matters is that how quickly WASA clears the mess!
  4. insaf-seeker

    Pakistan is spreading Coronavirus in India!!!

    Modi's entire politics is anti Pakistan. when doesn't have answers to his failures, he blames Pakistan
  5. insaf-seeker

    عمران خان ان مافیاز کا کچھ نہیں بگاڑ سکا - شیخ رشید

    Sheeday tali tu nay waqt say kuch nahin seekha... yaad ker yeh wohi Imran Khan hai jissay tu tangay ki sawari kehta tha.. aur aaj assembly main uss he kay paon pakar ker baitha hai..
  6. insaf-seeker

    What happened to Mati Ullah Jan.

    Jub say iftikhar Chaudhry gaya hai yeh bhi kuch kama nahin saka
  7. insaf-seeker

    ‏بھٹّو اک بڑا آدمی تھا لیکن پھر اسے اک واقعی بڑا آدمی ٹکرا یا۔۔تاریخی واقعہ

    So if that policy was so good then why didn't Benazir and subsequent PPP govts continued it?? Roti kapra aur makaan slogan never changed but ppp never returned to nationalization policy!
  8. insaf-seeker

    ‏بھٹّو اک بڑا آدمی تھا لیکن پھر اسے اک واقعی بڑا آدمی ٹکرا یا۔۔تاریخی واقعہ

    Bhutto kay baaqi sub jurm aik uss nay nationalization ker kay Pakistan kay economic structure ko irreparable damage kia tha woh maaf nahin kia ja sakta
  9. insaf-seeker

    CJ Athar Minallah orders CDA to seal Pakistan Navy’s commercial building

    Navy bichari ghareeb force hai... iss ko jo marzi keh lo
  10. insaf-seeker

    “Teri Tabdeeli” full super hit song hits PTI very hard

    Woh tareeqay Yasir Shami jaisay patwari afford nahin ker saktay
  11. insaf-seeker

    “Teri Tabdeeli” full super hit song hits PTI very hard

    Sasti shuhrat kay sastay tareeqay
  12. insaf-seeker

    وزیر اعظم عمران خان کا ایک بار پھر وزیر اعلی عثمان بزدار پر اعتماد کا اظہار

    Yeh sab say bara masla faroosh sahafi hai... iss kay pass koi khabar nahin hoti sirf sansani baichta hai
  13. insaf-seeker

    No pilot licenses fake: CAA DG letter says

    This letter was in response to queries from international airlines where Pakistani pilots are employed. Yeh sub Pakistani pilots kay liye nahin hai... PIA nay 28 pilots ko fake license per kuch din pehlay naukri say nikala hai
  14. insaf-seeker

    جب ان سے الزام کے ثبوت مانگا جائے تو بلاک کردیتے ہیں۔

    With the penetration of social media in Pakistan, Journalism has become less attractive profession for people. Rauf Klasara and many of his type can't digest the rebuttal on their fake news hence block the respondents.
  15. insaf-seeker

    What is the force that drives Imran Khan success at the end always?

    Selflessness, determination and firm belief these are the 3 qualities that make Imran Khan a leader
  16. insaf-seeker

    کیونکہ۔۔ہمیں دشمن کے بچوں کو پڑھانا ہے

    Ager patwarion ko kuch samjh hoti foreign diplomacy aur strategy ki tao kabhi Modi ki maa ko saari na bhejtay.... India main aik buhat bari tadaad hai Afghani students ki jo Pakistan say nafrat kertay hain... Pakistan ko iss propaganda ko counter kerna hai ab
  17. insaf-seeker

    پولیس ٹھیک ہو گئی تو فوج کا اختیار پاکستان کی سیاست اور

    Yeh banda Army quota per Civil services main aya Customs department main, he was posted in Balochistan when smuggling allegations were made against him and he was separated from job. ab iss ka kaam sara waqt baqwas kerna hai
  18. insaf-seeker

    See Mehmal's Face Expressions on Shahbaz Gill's Inappropriate Example

    This question could have been answered in a better and polite matter
  19. insaf-seeker

    Fawad Chaudhry ka Ventilator ?

    Either Fawad is Naive or you are clueless about the process. DRAP has approved this design of ventilator for use in hospitals.. and I am sure people at DRAP are certainly more qualified on the subject than you!