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    Response to Abdullah Haroon Claims on Coronavirus

    Misinformation About Vaccines And Proprietary Rights Over Related Technology One particularly problematic form of misinformation related to COVID-19 clusters around the topic of vaccines and biotechnologies used to produce vaccines and diagnostics. An Indonesian newspaper reported that several...
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    Reality of Khan's Welcome at Washington Airport

    There has been so much hue and cry by Indian Media and Patwaris about Imran Khan not being given any welcome ceremony at the airport. Reality is that this was an "Official Working Visit" on President Trump's invitation. "According to official State Department guidelines, there are five types of...
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    Washington DC: Large crowd at PPP/PML Protest Against Imran Khan

    See the video at the bottom. They couldn't gather even 10 Pakistanis so hired local African American for protest.
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    Really..who is Selected? Bilawal and Maryam or Imran Khan

    A quick question for my PPP and PML-N friends. Who do you think is really selected? Born party leaders like Bilawal and Maryam who have done nothing to inherit their place in their parties and got it without any merit because they were selected by their Daddy. Or- Hard working self made leader...