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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    That will be really bad if Abid Ali or Rizwan become casualties because they already struggled quite hard to come in this team and their performance is not as bad as Azhar Ali...
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    There are so many examples, where captains have been changed in the mid of a series. Azhar Ali do not even deserve a place in team as a player, let alone being a lame captain.
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    Sir daily wages wali example 16 aanay sahi di hay.... Pata nhi hamaray seelctors aur board new players ko launch krnay say dartay kiyon hayn, jabka hamesha new players start mayn na sirf jaan maartay hayn balkay mostly performance bhi detay hayn....
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    hahahahaha, aar establishment youn hi Shareefon ko pamper karti rehi tou koi pata nhi kal ko waqai Cricket team ka kaptan hi na banwa dayn, kiyonkay prime minister k liye tou na-ehal ho gaya hay....
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    Hahahaha, does it make a difference, he is captain of Pakistan.
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    that is exactly my point, see the instagram post for his last ten innings I mean this is ridiculous record to be in the team firstly, let alone be a captain.
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    Ok accepted that we only discuss and not playing on field, but many of our past legends are also criticizing his performance and captaincy., Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar , Rashid Lateef etc
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    Did you check his record in the source i meantioned in my post? I am not sure if any other player has been given so many chances. I respect you being a fan of Azhar Ali, but honestly, with this performance, he should not even be in the team.
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    Yes sir, you are right but see the source, it shows the recent record of Azhar Ali as a batsman, there is only one double figure score in his last 10 innings, is he even eligible to be in the team?
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    After a heart-bustling and nerve wrenching contest, England snatched victory from Pakistan’s hands. Pakistan, who played extremely well for the first two days, were unable to come up with any answer to Chris Woakes and Jos Buttler’s on-slaught on 4th day of the test. The question arises, as was...
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    This is why Shahbaz Sharif was a better CM than Buzdar!!!

    One really has to be extremely dumb and useless if he or she can't better Shahbaz Shareef...
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    Resignations and IK's party

    Sir then what about Zulfi and a dozen others with dual nationality??
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    Resignations and IK's party

    I guess there is something in it more than the media anchors campaign against the dual nationality of SAPMs. Also there are useless Zulfis still there which means it is not just the dual nationality thing. Guys be realistic, if there is one person every media person, even every Pakistani will...
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    Another Tiktop Video Scandal of Fayyaz Chouhan with Alizee

    It is correct that Imran Khan is the only political leader left in Pakistan but his team is pathetic, even worse than pathetic. You can appoint anyone instead of Chohan and he will perform better than him. We did not vote PTI to see people like Chohan, Asim bajwa, Firdous Awan, Ghulam serwar ...
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    top twitter (1M+) trend against IK digital lolipop

    I do not understand why government bans any such thing at all? What right has govt to ban simple games and youtube etc. Pathetic decision making, pti is making me ashamed with every passing day. I would definitely vote for Fawad Ch if he makes his own party for next elections.
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    حب الوطنی دی سند

    As a matter of principle, dual nationality walon ko advisor zaroor rakh layn, but unko cabinet aur final decision committees mayn na bithayen...
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    شاہ زیب خانزادہ کے سامنے نیازی کی قلفی پگھل گئی۔

    Bahi jan , I am also PTI supporter but please do not sell me this bu.ll that Zulfi Bukhari is working hard and his only motive is love for Pakistan and Pakistanis. We have all seen what JKT , Khusro, Nadeem Babr and Razzaq Daud have done and trust me, Zulfi would be getting his share as...
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    جب ان سے الزام کے ثبوت مانگا جائے تو بلاک کردیتے ہیں۔

    But can it also be that we are sometimes biased and whatever suits us, we accept that and whatever doesn't suit us, we get judgemental and label certain people. I mean, it is day clear fact that we are all brought up with Zardari termed as a synonym to corruption, so whatever Klasra, Arshad...
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    وزیراعظم کی ہدایت پر معاونین خصوصی و مشیروں کے اثاثوں کی تفصیلات جاری

    Altogether, must be admitted that it is a good step. At least there would be a base to investigate after they are finished with their tenure.