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  1. Ali-NZ

    Mass Indian Students Deportation from Toronto Airport

    Mass deportation of Indian students from Toronto Airport..... Apparently they have submitted fake ILETS test results. But there is no news in main media of these mass deportation because it will surely create a furore.
  2. Ali-NZ

    Master stroke of Captain

    NAB was actually an independent organization, not under direct control of PM IK, as a matter of fact it's chairman was on his personal likes and dislikes treating cases. The performance of its legal team was zero. IK sent Naeem Bukhari to go and find out what's going on inside while working for...
  3. Ali-NZ

    Guess who is behind Dr. Shahid Masood condition???

    This is a fact that during last ten years Dr. Shahid Masood has made more enemies than friends at the highest level of judiciary, berucrates and politicians. But some how he was able to manage his moves and breadth independently in the sold media. During his shows on Newsone he made some...
  4. Ali-NZ

    Hamza Ali Abbasi Great Work

    I would like to thank Hamza Ali Abbasi for his farsightedness and wise action. He has made that B i tch even worst and plagued b i tch. A friend of mine is a friend of her son in UK, he has seen a video in which she is fully drunk and fighting with her son. That video is made on a cell phone...
  5. Ali-NZ

    MH airline's old ad speaks for itself........

    MH airline's old ad speaks for itself.....................
  6. Ali-NZ

    American's Wealth Inequality

    The issue of wealth inequality across the United States is well known, but this video shows you the extent of that imbalance in dramatic and graphic fashion. Presented without comment, letting you, the readers, be the judge.
  7. Ali-NZ

    Safe house

    Watched this movie last weekend Just wondering how many CIA Safe Houses we have in Pakistan !!!!
  8. Ali-NZ

    My predictions for General Elections in 3rd quarter of 2012

    Deal has been made between Supreme Courts & Army. DG ISI & Army Chief will not get extensions. New Election Commissioner will be appointed acceptable for all & away from any controversy, could be an ex-judge. Supreme Court will quickly finalize all cases, thus simultaneously removing Zardari &...
  9. Ali-NZ

    Help Imram Khan by donations if you can not attend 30th OCT Jalsa in Lahore

    Dear All overseas Pakistani Please Help Imram Khan by donations if you can not attend 30th OCT Jalsa in Lahore & let supporters of pml-n & ppp know that we care for Pakistan & only trust Imran Khan. Just to show my commitment as I want to set an example first, attaching the donation prove &...
  10. Ali-NZ

    Is Zaid Hamid another Fitna upon Pakistan?

    Ghazwa-e-Hind is not mentioned in all 6 books of hadith ( Sihah-e-Sittah, the most authentic books of hadith) and it is also not mentioned in any Maroof or Mutawattar ( Authentic and continuously stated ) hadith. Ziad Hamids team have created a website to show its importance and they have...
  11. Ali-NZ

    Satellite image of Pakistan floods before and after

    Satellite image of Pakistan floods before and after Satellite image of Pakistan floods after Monday, August 9, 2010 - 10:17...