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    The book being reviewed was Rise and Kill First by New York Times reporter Ronen Bergman, a weighty study of the Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence service, together with its sister agencies. The author devoted six years of research to the project, which was based upon a thousand personal...
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    Criminal Act Of LHC Giving Reprieve To A Serial Criminal Hamza Shahbaz. The Real Protectors Of Status Quo. Pakistan Held Hostage By Lohaars.

    Most obvious despicable act of Anti Pakistan on Display in Punjab. WHO ARE THESE JUDGES? PAKISTANIS? OR INDIANS? How long Pakistanio? how long? will YOU people tolerate this horror show of criminal negligence by these Nawaz Dakoo appointed Judicial gangsters? Stunning display of nepotism and...
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    How Netanyahu and Kushner undermined diplomacy and changed the Palestinian calculus.

    How Netanyahu and Kushner undermined diplomacy and changed the Palestinian calculus. A Zionist Hitler and Trump's Jewish Son In Law genocidal policies in occupied Palestine. By Marwan Bisharaby February 03, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - On February 1, Mahmoud Abbas, the president of...
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    The Financial Terrorist Are In Pakistan. IMF THE INTERNATIONAL MURDER FUND AKA THE IMF.

    The international Murder Fund aka IMF, the Jew created debt trap for mankind by the Zionist white vultures should be kicked out of Pakistan. The previous unelected uneducated regimes of traitors, Bhungee Nawaz and Bhungee Zardaree borrowed billions of dollars from Jews, and syphoned via money...
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    Trump 'Completely Controlled by His Master in Israhell.l':

    Trump 'completely controlled by his master in Israel': PRESS TV. The Satanist tribe of Lucifer. Kevin Barrett. The new Middle East plan announced by US President Donald Trump is another...
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    The US Has Become a Force of Evil’

    The US Has Become a Force of Evil’ By Oliver Stone & former Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa January 31, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - The United States has become a “force of evil” against the people who want to reform things, renowned director Oliver Stone told former Ecuadorean...
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    Government of Pakistan Must Act On The Escaped convicted Criminal Nawaz Lohaars Overstay In UK. Stop lying To The Public.

    The convicted criminal Nawaz Dakoo of Punjab a serial liar and a king of money laundering, stole 200 $ billion from Pakistan, has overstayed in UK, Despite the court warning. START SEIZING THEIR HOMES, BANK BALANCES THEIR CARS, YOU WILL SEE ALL THE IQAMA HOLDING KUNJUR POLITICIANS WILL ASK FOR...
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    U.S. Posture in The Middle-East: Preparing For Disaster.

    U.S. posture in the Middle-East: preparing for disaster. by Shaker. February 01, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - Turns out that Trump and the Pentagon were lying. Again. This time about the true impact of the Iranian counter-strike on US forces in Iraq. First they claimed that there...
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    Trump’s Embrace of Apartheid Was Brought to You By The Organized Jewish community.

    Jewish groups place a greater value on support of Israel and access to the halls of power than they do on human rights. Trump’s embrace of apartheid was brought to you by the organized Jewish community. By Philip Weiss. January 30, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - In the fallout over the...
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    Time for Action On Kashmir Pakistan. The Terrorist Modi Army Must Be Removed From Kashmir.

    It is time to deal with Kashmir Pakistanio. Enough already.
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    Maryam the Cult - Her Elopement With Captain Safdar and Many More.

    The Daughter of Former Three times Zaleel PM, a monster created by Zia Ul Haq. Has attempted a suicide at Jati Mujrah. She is the Head of PUNJAB LGBT. Some asked her to provide her wedding pictures and the date of birth of her daughter meher un nisa.. She could NOT give the answer. She is...
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    Shehbaz Sharif claims Daily Mail story Is True. Claims He Has Syphilis Contracted While Married To Nargis Khosa. London Press Conference.

    The king of mutah marriages and corruption, The former CM is in London doing idiotic press conferences with limited English. Syphilis Shareef claims He is a Muslim, married to 10 local prostitutes, including a sister of a judge, reason being no punishment for model town massacre. No RAMZAN...
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    The Frankenstein Monster Created By Zia Ul Haq, Is Still Alive. Nawaz Lohaar & His Fraud Medical Reports.

    Justice Gulzar, what is your opinion on the monster who eat Pakistan literally? What are your views on his medical conditions? Your fellow judges find him NOT guilty? Allow his escape, especially Ather Minullah the PLMN judge. I believe it is time for you to handing out DEATH sentences to...
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    Trump regime unveiled the long-delayed US-Israeli plan to legalize occupation of Palestine. Apartheid & Colonization By The Zionist Terrorist.

    Trump regime unveiled the long-delayed US-Israeli plan to legalize occupation of Palestine. Time to confront Satan. By ICH & Agencies January 28, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - "Today Israel has taken a giant step towards peace," Trump agent Orange said as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin...
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    Why the New Silk Roads are a ‘threat’ to US bloc.

    Why the New Silk Roads are a ‘threat’ to US bloc The Middle East is the key to wide-ranging, economic, interlinked integration, and peace By Pepe Escobar. January 28, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - Under the cascading roar of the 24/7 news cycle cum Twitter eruptions, it’s easy for most...
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    Government Of Pakistan Needs To Ban Protocol Culture. Colonizer Inspired Imported Behaviour By Local Brown Ungraiz Should Be Terminated.

    No more protocol for these brown fraud Ungraiz in Pakistan. Use of public transportation or Uber should be the only choice for the so called elected retarded clowns sitting in parliament. CM, take a taxi or call uber we can't afford your expenses. Lose weight ride a bicycle to work. Awam will...
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    When A Hindu God Attacks Its Own Creation.

    Please spread this Butt kicking by a HINDU God.
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    Can you hear us now? Over 4 Million People Join March Against US Presence in Iraq.

    Can you hear us now? Over 4 Million People Join March Against US Presence in Iraq. By teleSUR January 24, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - The "Million Man March" convened by Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr exceeded expectations. At least four million people Thursday demanded the departure...
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    The American Chaos Machine.

    The American Chaos Machine. U.S. Foreign Policy Goes Off the Rails By Danny Sjursen January 23, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - In March 1906, on the heels of the U.S. Army’s massacre of some 1,000 men, women, and children in the crater of a volcano in the American-occupied Philippines...
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    Poll: To The Mental Slaves in Pakistan. What Does Pakistan Based Transparency Says About Corruption In UK American Governments?

    Doesn't Pakistan has a Institution on corruption? I would like to see it's views on corruption in all European and American Government? Or we will continue to be mental SLAVES of Western white CHRISTIAN Jewish Now Hindu concepts of code of conduct behavior and how to live abd act? Have we...