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  1. Xiggs

    Does anyone here play Overwatch?

    I just wanted to know if anyone here plays Overwatch. If you do, please PM me your gamertag and I will add you as a friend.
  2. Xiggs

    Plz dont be hopeless...These Two amazing things that will seal PTI victory in future

    Dear PTI Friends, Evening of May 11th didnt quite turn out to be what we all expected. You can imagine how frustrated a PTI member must be to see punjab plunge pakistan into further corruption by voting for PMLN. I was so enthused after coming back from the polling station becuz the trend there...
  3. Xiggs

    Canvassing angrily...Who are you going to vote for??? (A MUST READ)

    Listen to this guys! I just received a call from my elder sister from abroad. This is how the conversation went :lol:: Me: Assalam o alaikum! Sis: Wa alaikum assalam! Me: Kesi hain aap?? Sis: Allah ka shukar! aur tu? Me: Alhamdolillah! Sis: (all of a sudden in full anger) KAL TU KISKO VOTE...