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  1. @@O.P

    PPP- Paksitan People Party

    Salaam O Alaakam, PPP- Pakistan Peoples Party has a rich history in Pakistan politics. PPP leaders in past played a vital role in Pakistan foreign policy and Pakistan Defence for ex; creation of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and laying the foundation of the Pakistan Nuclear bomb. That was...
  2. @@O.P

    Urdu App?

    Is there any text to speech app, where you type in English and the Speech is in Urdu? for Mac or Apple phone?
  3. @@O.P

    China Pakistan Relationship! your views

    With all this "China love in the air" I will like to remind everyone how Nations think for their own self-interest and relations can change very fast. President Mohammad Ayub Khan Visited Us in 1961 he was given a parade as welcome because the U.S needed Pakistan to align with the U.S and not...
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    ISI Operation In India, Exposed!!!Satire

    Salaam o Alaakam, I have been following this forum from 2011, hardly posted just came to see the content and what Pakistanis views are on current affairs in Pakistan and get my daily dose of Siastat talk shows, for few years the so-called "right-wing: "left-wing", "liberals" "conservative" both...
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    New member!

    Aslaam O Alaakam, how is everyone? My name is Osamah, I'm 25 years old I was born in Pakistan, I was brought up and completed my education in New York and now have moved to UAE for work. I have been flowing this forum for 2 years now and never posted till I had to today on other thread which...