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    شکریہ وزیر اعظم صاحب

    Sukriya PM sahib! Nawaz chor ko bhaganay k liay...
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    WHO warns pandemic is speeding: The worst is yet to come’- CNBC

    he is bloody moron, this WHO is fully backed by Gates.
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    سپریم کورٹ نے جسٹس قاضی فائز عیسیٰ ریفرنس کا فیصلہ سنا دیا

    Pakistani justice system is not more than a joke... These judges are jahanmi... to buy property in London is almost impossible for that who spends his whole life in London. But a Pakistani lady teacher Can have property who’s worth is in millions... good joke...
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    there is still hope..... Justice Qazi Faez Issa case thrown out

    There is no need to have any justice system in Pakistan
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    جاہل عوام؟؟

    Jotayy pay ALLAH ki lanat but tere pay to hafeez hamaisha say hi ha just like your nawaz chor-
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    Pakistan Past vs Pakistan Present.

    Wish Pakistan produces more genuine TV personal like RIP Tariq aziz rather than crap Hamid Mir and almost all what we see on TV now a days.
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    پنجاب اسمبلی کے اراکین کی کورونا ایس و پی کی کھلم کھلا خلاف ورزی

    Abi yai kon sa minister ha PTI ka.. Imran Niazi nay b kya kya crap akhata kia howa ha...
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    شیر آ رہا ہے ، روک سکو تو روک لو۔ (انشاءاللہ)

    kyun shair ki plaitain pori ho gae han???
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    ججوں کی خفیہ نگرانی پر منتخب حکومت فارغ ہوئی تھی- سپریم کورٹ کی حکومتی وکیل

    Not empty... these haramkhor knows very well this govt is backed by army...
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    Seven children drown in Sindh, bodies transported in a fish waste truck...

    Allah u Akbar 😢 Bachay marwa diay But in logo k liay Bhutto ajj b zinda ha...
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    3-Types of Judges & Pakistani Judiciary in the Light of Hadees-e-Mubarakah

    Dont Agree with you in may ziada to becharay majboori may kertay hun gaye inko to Shaid Allah muafff ker dain But in begairat judges ki kya majboori ha???
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    Khawaja Imran‘s clash with Police outside Shehbaz Sharif’s residence

    what a pathetic justice system of Pakistan...
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    Jahil Mullahs are destroying the image of Islam

    Dont Agree with these fake mullahs But why rest of the world could not make Corona medicine???