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  1. miafridi

    This is why Shahbaz Sharif was a better CM than Buzdar!!!

    Farq saaf zahir hai. Aek taraf politics/Showbazi huwa karti thi. Jabkay dusri taraf Institutions kam kar rahay hai aur CM ko lambay boots pehan kar photoshoot nahi karna parh raha.
  2. miafridi

    سینیٹر فیصل جاوید نے اپوزیشن کی طرف سے مانگا جانے والا این آر او دکھا دیا

    Shame on corrupt PPP and PML-N for not facing the cases of their corruption but instead asking for NRO's.
  3. miafridi

    Wanna hear a joke

  4. miafridi

    بھارت کا رافیل طیارہ پاکستانی جے ایف 17 کا مقابلہ نہیں کر سکتا- شاہد لطیف

    It's great achievement to have a fighter Jet of our own which is capable enough to take on any 4th generation Jet. As for price comparison you can have at least 3 JF-17 for the price of 1 Rafale or F-16, so keep in mind that quantity in itself is a quality.
  5. miafridi

    عمران خان ایک بے بس وزیراعظم نظر آرہے ہیں- مہر بخاری

    Khan itni Kamzor govt k hotay huway bhi itna kuch kar sakta hai, toh socho k Nawaz Sharif jesi 2/3 majority k sath kiya kuch kar leta.
  6. miafridi

    جس نے کشمیر کا سفیر بننا تھا وہ آج کلبھوشن کا وکیل ہے-بلاول کی پریس کانفرنس

    LOLZZZ Corrupt opposition trying to find any possible issue but failing to build a narrative because of their own past.
  7. miafridi

    ..... نہیں ڈالیں گے ووٹ

    Corrupt Opposition ne qoumi mamlay par bhi different stance le kar sirf apna hi political/moral nuqsan kiya hai.
  8. miafridi

    FBR exceeds July collection target by Rs57bn

    Good Job. Hopefully the target for the whole year exceeds expectations, on the back of increased exports.
  9. miafridi

    Pakistan coronavirus daily cases graph | July 29 2020

    Great work by Team Imran khan to go against all odds and saved the economy as well as contained the spread of the virus.
  10. miafridi

    Pakistan effectively fights Covid-19 with technology

    Allah ka Shukar hai. And hopefully it will stay this way or come down even further.
  11. miafridi

    اس بات کے ثبوت موجود ہیں کہ تم ہم پر مسلط کیے گئے ہو: مشاہد اللہ خان

    Look who is talking. Establishment say secret meetings karnay walay and next govt discuss karnay walay.
  12. miafridi

    جس شکل میں اپوزیشن نیب ترامیم چاہتی ہے وہ ہمارے لیے ممکن نہیں- شاہ محمود

    Corrupt Opposition ko sirf aur sirf NRO chahiye. Aur phir say mulk ko lootnay ka certificate bhi.
  13. miafridi

    Inflation has skyrocketed, people are screaming . Sheikh Rasheed

    It was bound to happen and was predicted by every survey sighting the economic situation of Pakistan where you were having $19 billion Current account deficit, all the institution in loss, and required $10-$12 billion just to balance your Current account deficit to avoid a default.