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  1. rasageerlohar

    Overseas Pakistani's کھولا تضاد

    Whenever there is a need for money be it Earthquake or floods, or just lack of general number of dollars in Pakistan, every leader even Imran Khan makes special appeals to us overseas Pakistani's for help. We are told that you people think more about the well being of the country since we are...
  2. rasageerlohar

    which politician does this person look like :D

    Pics only
  3. rasageerlohar

    IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on Economic Policies with Pakistan: PMLN and PPP blamed by IMF

    Pakistan Media, if it has any sharam will now shut up Pakistan is facing a challenging economic environment, with lackluster growth, elevated inflation, high indebtedness, and a weak external position. This reflects the legacy of uneven and procyclical economic policies in recent years aiming...
  4. rasageerlohar

    Netanyahu to be indicted for corruption, pending hearing

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust arising from three separate corruption investigations, pending a hearing, according to a source with direct knowledge of the decision by Israel's attorney general. Attorney General Avichai...
  5. rasageerlohar

    Asia Bibi freed from Multan Central Jail

    I think this is a death sentence for her as the molvis will be hunting for her head. I hope the government can provide protection
  6. rasageerlohar

    Gen Asif Ghafoor: "There is always a difference between freedom and anarchy".... Is this for the media?

    The way media as a whole these days is trying to spread disinformation, i think the general is sending a message. "sidday ho jaao"
  7. rasageerlohar

    Tehmina Durrani: This could be a warning sign for you

    Seems like Reham Khan is now appreciating Shahbaz Sharif and has new respect for him. This is a clear warning sign for all the wives whose husbands get appreciated by Reham Khan :)
  8. rasageerlohar

    100 percent credit on phone recharge. Thankyou CJP

    but still a few questions to be asked If FBR has no record for extra tax or never recieved it then 1) Who kept the extra money? 2) Was this the money kept by telco? 3) Was this free money kept by Telcos to purchase ads with various channels? 4) Will CJP try to get the stolen money back, from...