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  1. rasageerlohar

    کیا عمران خان نیب قوانین میں تبدیلی مختلف قوتوں کے دباؤ میں آکر کررہے ہیں؟

    When will NAB take on what has been happening in PTV for the last 20 years. Mohammad malik will have a lot of explaining to do about his private marketing companies if PTV is audited for the period Mohammad Malik was the MD
  2. rasageerlohar

    Pentagon Has Off-World Vehicles Not Made on This Earth

    There is a reason of this race to get to Mars and beyond. Probably to find materials on seen on earth to get material advantage on others
  3. rasageerlohar

    Rauf Klasra & Amir Mateen dissecting the performance of PTI Govt

    whenever i see his video on the YouTube feed, i usually open it and then click on dislike immediately, and move to the next video which might not be so predictable. Hoping YouTube feed will get smart enough and not show his video's in my feed
  4. rasageerlohar

    Rauf Klasra & Amir Mateen dissecting the performance of PTI Govt

    without watching this video, i can tell this video will be about how bad IK is and how these 2 lost their jobs. Edit: I dont intend to watch it, but can you tell, if my guess is right or wrong?
  5. rasageerlohar

    Overseas Pakistani's کھولا تضاد

    I left Pakistan in your good hands when it was 23 rupees to 1 $. It only took you 23 years to get that to 170 rupees to 1 $. You patwaris only expect us to send you $'s so you can sit at home and watch zee Tv and bollywood make belief. Ask yourself, what have you as a Pakistani has done for...
  6. rasageerlohar

    Overseas Pakistani's کھولا تضاد

    Whenever there is a need for money be it Earthquake or floods, or just lack of general number of dollars in Pakistan, every leader even Imran Khan makes special appeals to us overseas Pakistani's for help. We are told that you people think more about the well being of the country since we are...
  7. rasageerlohar

    DHA dancing fountain..

    کراچی میں بھتو پھر زندہ . اس بار گٹروں میں سے نکل آیا
  8. rasageerlohar

    GEO's DEEWANGI Drama show same car used by Terrorists in PSX Attack

    This news should not have been aired on tv. The investigation teams might have been able to find more people involved if any. Maybe it was the masterminds planning attack targets and using the car Now people using this car will go underground.
  9. rasageerlohar

    یوٹیوب پر پہلی ویڈیو کو 15 سال ہوگئے

    this was not my content, it was a clip of IK bowling that i used to have and posted on youtube
  10. rasageerlohar

    یوٹیوب پر پہلی ویڈیو کو 15 سال ہوگئے

    just checked my only video i posted on youtube 13 years ago in 2007. Surprisingly it has now 884,783 views
  11. rasageerlohar

    There is a meltdown in the country, and it is not an economic one

    A real good read. Just exposed the reality of Pakistan media in just 1 article There is a meltdown in the country, and it is not an economic one. For some reason, the journalist community has gone into a reactive mode. From engaging...
  12. rasageerlohar

    which politician does this person look like :D

    Pics only
  13. rasageerlohar

    Irshad Bhatti zaleel hote hoye LOL

    we as a society are corrupt. Everyone tries to take unfair advantage whenever and where ever he can. really sorry to see these anchors saying that " government has to fix everything" which actually does not make sense We as "awam" 1) kunda hum daltay hain and then cry that electric is too high...
  14. rasageerlohar

    Asif Ali Zardari Daughter Secret Relation with Naqeeb Ullah Masood? alleges Cynthia D. Ritchie

    hmm i had heard it was Bilawal that had relations with Naqeeb ullah
  15. rasageerlohar

    PM Imran Khan summons cabinet meeting today

    summons? Cabinet meetings are always on Tuesday
  16. rasageerlohar

    Very Sad to see Shahram Tarakai and Atif Khan in off the record

    There is something called discipline. IK made the right call. If you break the rules you have to pay. If these people had issues, they should have talked to IK directly and not try to start their own group.
  17. rasageerlohar

    Role of Indian Muslims on Kashmir cause is regrettable - Nasir Baig Chughtai

    My feelings about the Endian Muslims when it all happened... dated dec 15th
  18. rasageerlohar

    With 319,494 pilgrims, Pakistan tops countries in performing Umrah

    i wish there were actually 319,494 real Muslims in Pakistan also. In Pakistan everyone is corrupt. If you have ever payed a cop money to get out of ticket you are corrupt if you asked for "safarish" you are corrupt If you have had someone "safarish" for you, you are corrupt If you have payed...