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  1. DrAjmalKhan

    بلاول نے شادی کے سوال پر ہاتھ جوڑ کر معافی مانگ لی

    Atleast some1 has started raising voice for hijras.
  2. DrAjmalKhan

    Hamza Shahbaz gets pre-arrest bail in Saaf Pani, Ramzan Sugar Mills cases

    Son of Malik Qayum Lohar high court ko char chand laga rahe hain along with the ganja CJ.
  3. DrAjmalKhan

    Nawaz Sharif Ke Dimagh Ko Pora Khoon Nahi Pahunch Raha - Medical Report

    An aise aise diagnosises nikal aayengen keh hum drs bhee heran pareshan.
  4. DrAjmalKhan

    Alleged abduction, conversion: Police arrest marriage officiator, attendees

    These girls are atleast 19-20 years old. 14-15 saal kee definitely nahe hain.
  5. DrAjmalKhan

    Maryam Nawaz caught lying redheaded by doctors about Nawaz Shaif's medical condition

    I have 100s of NHS patients with creatinine in that range or higher. This is something to be expected in NS's age and being diabetic and hypertensive. This neither needs any treatment nor there is any treatment available. We just watch them by having a blood test every few months. She is just...
  6. DrAjmalKhan

    بریگیڈئیر (ر) اسد منیر کی خودکشی یا قتل

    There must be strict system of check and balance in NAB to control any misuse of powers, but in a country full of corruption, turning NAB into a toothless body would be catastrophic. I am surprised as to why PTI govt has not been able to atleast come up with a draft of NAB reforms so far.
  7. DrAjmalKhan

    PTM propoganda on Arman Luni busted !!! DHQ drs initial medical report

    You cannot any1 like that no matter what. And the post martom is bull shit. Young people don't get heart attacks like that. And you don't have to have external bleeding to die. And in medicolegal cases the dead body belongs to the state and no one can stop post Martom in such cases if the state...
  8. DrAjmalKhan

    میڈیا والوں کی ماں مرگئی

    Ye kaun hay bhaii?
  9. DrAjmalKhan

    Afghanistan- In near future.

    Not that simple. No matter which way it goes, there will be an impact on Pakistan. Generally if Taliban take over, they are pro Pakistan but is it going to be a stable govt is the real question.
  10. DrAjmalKhan

    Afghanistan- In near future. America running away from Afghanistan but what next? The negotiations between the current Afghan govt and Taliban are yet to start. But there are already many questions, not easy to answer as there are fundamental...
  11. DrAjmalKhan

    Yes I have helped out Ishaq Dar to escape- Shahid Khaqaan Abbasi

    If NAB can investigate IK's use of KP helicopter, then under which law did Ishaq Launderer use the PM's plan to run away?
  12. DrAjmalKhan

    PTI ki hukumat maslay hal nahi masail paida ker sakhtay hai - Haroon Rasheed

    Baba ne kaha tha keh IK inkee ek call kee mar hay. Kaptan bhee bada khilari hay, ghaas hee nahe Dali isslye baba thappa hua hay.
  13. DrAjmalKhan

    DG Fia should be sacked for handcuffing DR Shahid specially when PM told them.

    The biggest harm the psycho CJ has done is to encourage the civil servants against the govt. We are lon gway from the level of democracy where the institutions can be 100% independent. There are many many black sheep amongst them and need high hand from the govt atleast untill our institutions...
  14. DrAjmalKhan

    Ex President Pervez Musharraf advices PM Imran Khan to Improve his dressing durinig International visits

    Is beghairat our isskee nachnee wali bivi ko shilwar qamees se takleef hay. You went on your knees in front of Collin Powell wearing suit. Konsee izzat kamai hay tum ne.
  15. DrAjmalKhan

    PM Imran Khan's sister Aleema khan pays penalty for hiding property abroad

    To be honest there is not a single person in the whole country who has honestly paid taxes. She has never been in govt or public office and had the dignity to pay half of her life savings without making any fuss. I wish others had that dignity.
  16. DrAjmalKhan

    Govt. left red faced as SC suspends notification of IG Islamabad's transfer

    CJ ka dimagh kharab hay, instead of fixing his own institution he is wasting time on things which have nothing to do with him. Anyways he's hot 2 and a half months left.
  17. DrAjmalKhan

    Mandi Baha ud din

    Good job dude.
  18. DrAjmalKhan

    Maryam Nawaz Appeals Prayers For Early Recovery Of Her Mother

    Allah Sehat den, magar ye makkar baitee ourisska baap ab bhee iss lye gaye hain keh eid kee wajah se jalse nahe ho rahe the, warna courts kee inhen kya parwa hay.
  19. DrAjmalKhan

    محمد مالک سے دس سوال - اوپن چیلنج (پلانٹڈ پروگرام کے خلاف احتجاج

    The lowest of the low is to drag Imran Khan's sons into the filthy game, whether it is Raham Khan or lifafa journo.