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  1. ZAhmad

    ‏پنجاب کو کون چلا رہا ہے ؟ ‏ارشاد بھٹی کی زبانی

    Kanjar abhi tak 4 saal baki hain ?mein inko rolaunga, takleef pounche gi inko ?
  2. ZAhmad

    Imran Khan begging $22,000,000,000 USD from IMF

    you are master in begging chootiya you should know how much $22b is
  3. ZAhmad

    Who wrote Bilawal Zardari's speech?

    No Bilawil is a very big mother fucker. You are right.
  4. ZAhmad

    PTIs amazing performance in KPK

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Good joke fat cunt.
  5. ZAhmad

    PTIs amazing performance in KPK

    PTI amazing performance can be determined by the Elections result. Cry somewhere else
  6. ZAhmad

    Interview with Chairman Higher Education Commission, Tariq Banuri (Thank You IK for Meritocracy)!!!

    Tu kyun apne bund marwane ajata hai har roz patwari. Pagal hai kya? :D
  7. ZAhmad

    Imran Khan is Bringing Aafia Siddiqui back to Pakistan on 16th March - Orya Maqbool Jan

    Fat cunt don't worry, why are you stressing it.
  8. ZAhmad

    Asad Umar Complete Speech at Low Cost Housing Finance Policy event

    Fat cunt is back! Welcome back cunt, I'm seeing your shitty posts after a long time.
  9. ZAhmad

    Mufti Tariq Masood's opinion on Imran Khan's decision to release Indian pilot

    Tujhe bara mu marna ata hai.. lanati haramkhor
  10. ZAhmad

    India had Good PMs and Bad PMs, but it never had a liar PM like Modi before- Indian media exposing lies of Modi

    Ab aisa bhi nahi hai. Teri ama toh muft mein marwati hai. Dharna toh kabhi kabhi hota hai, teri ma ki phuddi har waqt kholi hoti hai ?Aba theek se satisfy nhi krta
  11. ZAhmad

    Why Dictator Khan didn't allow any protests against MBS in Islamabad?

    John Snow chutiye you should go in protest outside your house, no one is stopping you bitch
  12. ZAhmad

    Fawad Chaudhry on India Today, brilliantly responds to allegations against Pakistan

    saray tere taran nahh bhonk skte kuttay k bachay. class bhi koi cheez hoti hai
  13. ZAhmad

    Saudia Announces $44 Billion Joint Oil Refinery with Kafir India

    Fat Cunt, use your brain to think not your ass. You make it sound like IK is getting the refinery set up in his Bani Gala backyard and all profits will go to him.
  14. ZAhmad

    PM Imran Khan is upset & angry with NAB’s poor performance - Dr Shahid Masood

    But I will definitely blame your parents for giving birth to lanati chawal insaan like you. Uss din agar condom paina hota toh aaj ye teri cancer comments toh na prh ne prti.
  15. ZAhmad

    Imran Khan instructs FBR to retracts notices to Hamid Mir

    Good reminder for yourself fat cunt.
  16. ZAhmad

    Imran Khan instructs FBR to retracts notices to Hamid Mir

    One U-turn your mom need to do as well and imagine that she never birthed a bitch like you.
  17. ZAhmad

    7 Billion Dollars is about to arrive in Pakistan - Ch Ghulam Hussain gives a breaking news

    What a fucked up logic your dumb ass created that you even think Investment is bad. How far is your head stuck up your ass? Go and say what you're saying on this forum in any country and they will kick you out for lowering the collective IQ of the population by yourself.
  18. ZAhmad

    Imran Khan instructs FBR to retracts notices to Hamid Mir

    Fat cunt if Imran Khan let the notice stay then you will be the same person crying here, no?