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  1. imranigra

    Pervaiz musharaf plane conversation leaked Tape before landing in oct 1999, treason applies to Nawaz Sharif

    Economic terrorists have been set free again while the nationalists and loyalists are getting sentenced. Isn’t there no one to address this in Pakistan? Someone who will out an end to this joke and put the country on a straight path? For God sake somebody do something.
  2. imranigra

    Supreme Court issues detailed verdict in Army Chief's Extension case || 10 points by Umer Inam

    Interesting details. However, it was dragged for way too long. Who has time for that in this day and age. My advice. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. imranigra

    ماہرہ خان کے اربوں کے اثاثے

    Small change as compared to what Sharifs have looted PAKISTAN for. Poor girl worked her ass off to get this money, perhaps. Forget her. Let’s discuss how to get the looted wealth back in the country. Especially from sons of Sharifs.
  4. imranigra

    Khawaja Asif speech about student union in National Assembly

    Love the giggles that Shahid Khaqaan abbasi was having. How many prisoners get to do it after coming out of jails? Shameful. He knows that beaurocracy will not support current government to work against the likes of him. One more reason that him and his likes do not want current government to...
  5. imranigra

    Parliament of Known Criminals In Pakistan Where Money Laundering Serial Robber Barons Are Allowed To Make Speeches?

    This is simply heartbreaking and shows how much more work is needed to pave the way for a better tomorrow. #Nayapakistan
  6. imranigra

    Zartaj Gul's befitting reply to Khawaja Asif and Bilawal Zardari

    She is BAD defender and NOT that much of an articulate. Can you just imagine her replying to a seasoned politician like Khawaja Asif. PTI has NO policy on what to say when to say and WHO should say. ANNOYING to many. There is NO need to come on TV and just mumble lame rhetoric. Serious policy...
  7. imranigra

    It's a Fact.

    1- Studies have suggested that gifted people often have bad handwriting because their brains are working faster than their hands. 2- Sweet potato ranks number 1 in the nutrition of all vegetables. 3- You are 8 times more likely to be killed walking drunk, than driving drunk.
  8. imranigra

    Fawad Aalam making record after record .

    Good discussion. Healthy for Cricket in Pakistan.
  9. imranigra

    Arshad Sharif exposes Shehbaz family's money laundering New Documents

    Stop fooling the innocent awam. These concocted documents mean anything? Mians, so far, have been untouchables and the way our courts, media and awam operate, they will continue to cherish the protocols of innocent, not guilty, victims of political victimization and Kong’s of sort. Long live the...
  10. imranigra

    PMLN ko bhagne nahi dein gae | Farrukh Habib Media Talk On Foreign Funding Case In Islamabad

    This is joke of the day. PMLN is a political party. It does not run. It never did and never will. It’s their so genius leaders who always get escaped and them come back as stronger PM and CM. You won’t understand the politics.
  11. imranigra

    NAB Lahore orders to freeze all assets of Shahbaz Sharif

    It’s okay. Nothing alarming about it or nothing to start celebrating either. They will be unfrozen whenever Mians need to make it happen. Justice is there to serve THEM. Nobody can dare freeze anything for real. It’s just announced to fool people into believing that Insaaf ho the gaya hai yaa ho...
  12. imranigra

    Startling revelations by Nawaz Sharif's physician Dr.Tafseer

    Where was this A-Hole when he was suppose to speak about it. Sob.
  13. imranigra

    Zulfi Bukhari--An Impressive Resume and Befitting Credentials for SAPM.

    PAKISTAN’s history is filled with people who did not even have Pakistani ID Card and they because Prime Ministers. Zulfi knows more about issues facing people like me and you , than most of the Ministers even cared to bother. Best part is, he does not need your approval. We as overseas...
  14. imranigra

    Zulfi Bukhari--An Impressive Resume and Befitting Credentials for SAPM.

    sadly not true. sheer political junkie. but, I like ur idea. cheers.
  15. imranigra

    This graphic designer made a tourist attraction map of Pakistan so you can plan your next trip

    Ever wanted to have a map of Pakistan but with all the places you can go visit on it? Now there is one. Graphic designer and artist Assam has created a handy (and beautiful) tourism map of Pakistan that you can reference to plan your next road trip. The map features highways and road networks...
  16. imranigra

    Zulfi Bukhari--An Impressive Resume and Befitting Credentials for SAPM.

    Who mentioned supporting every bongi of khan? U turn logic? bot? u are wayyyy off-topic. Attention span issues? GRUMPY, eh. Naya Pakistan is around the corner. Get in line.