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    Police officers diffuse angry protesters by kneeling...

    Similar things happened in El Paso Texas. 2 policemen knelt to diffuse the anger of the crowd there. El Paso Texas North Carolina...
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    It's Free for All in California and Washington!!! - Looting and plundering

    Such opportunist people are not helping the cause for which others are protesting.
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    Mir Shakeel ur Rehman's matter is settled? Details by Siddique Jaan

    How in the name of sweet heavens does ANY Idara have the power to resolve any issue of criminal or financial corruption nature??? This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable.
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    Pak Finds Solution for Locust Threat, Turns It Into Chicken Feed

    I think it is a great idea. Once this catches up easier solutions to catch them will evolve no doubt.
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    40 musicians from 7 countries came together for a Pakistani song, Aye Khuda

    Where is Najam Sheraz these days? No news is good news.
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    Judicial System reforms

    The system of accountability has to be improved tremendously. One way of doing that is by TIME BARRING all cases. If the time bar is allowed to lapse then the judge and police must be accountable and it should go into their service record. Each judge and police team must be given a certain...
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    Mahwish Hayat as Benazir? Bakhtawar Very Angry? (News from 2018)

    BB ka role kahan say shuro ho ga? Oxford say?
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    'Are We Preparing for the Wrong War?' Pravin Sawheny, Jan 24, 2020

    let's give all the credit to Modi alone. Single-handedly achieved this goal for all it's neighbors.
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    'Are We Preparing for the Wrong War?' Pravin Sawheny, Jan 24, 2020

    He is a sane and objective man in the chaos of Indian drama. Do listen
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    This is Modi's India, not Kashmir...

    Chicks have come home to roost after Karma paid them a visit when they dug a hole for Kashmiris into which they are slipping. Wealth is not created by poverty thoughts or divisive thoughts.
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    Patwar Khana MUST Listen to it CAREFULLY.

    So finally we know that Kargil's potential victory was lost on the table by Nawaz Sharif!! 🤬
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    Issue of Malik Riaz's relatives. Why media is silent? Anchor Imran Khan

    Imran Riaz Sahib, if media is not reporting accurately what happens regarding Malik Riaz's cases then how is it NOT corruption by the media?? Your softening statement is reflective of intellectual corruption. If Malik Riaz's daughters went with this lady called Amina then what does it tell you...
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    Exclusive footage of Pakistani Atomic blast , Diary of May 28, 1998

    Right you are. If Nawaz Sharif ere such a brave and courageous one then he would not have complained about Establishment! he would have taken Establishment to the cleaners!. It is the same Nawaz Sharif who sai "Main dictation naheen lon ga" and then resigned! 😆😆
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    Waqar Zaka's Reply to those defending Daughters of Malik Riaz ( #UzmaKhan )

    why are you upset? Just say you are giving your own perspective, in that case I will extend my apology, no problem. If the perspective is from an obvious unfair viewpoint which one would not adopt for one's own, then what would one call it?
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    چھوٹا باؤ جی ان رئیل ٹربل

    My brother I appreciate your desire for justice, but Allah says that we must do justice and the only way to do that is by adopting the right process. Let's pray and back the government by keeping the pressure on them for justice.
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    FIR registered in Uzma Khan / Malik Riaz daughter case

    FIR against Bhutto was registered almost 8 years before he was hanged for it. Allah k haan dair hai andhair naheen. Whatever accusation on the character of the actresses, the man involved is also of the same character, and his wife and family women have also shown what corrupted and despicable...
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    Waqar Zaka's Reply to those defending Daughters of Malik Riaz ( #UzmaKhan )

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    Waqar Zaka's Reply to those defending Daughters of Malik Riaz ( #UzmaKhan )

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    92 At 8 - 23rd May 2020 - Popularity of Ertugrul in Pakistan

    I think Yasir Pirzada is right about excuses used to claim poor stories and productions. Guidelines have to be devised for drama and movies.
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    92 At 8 - 23rd May 2020 - Popularity of Ertugrul in Pakistan

    It seems there is significant confusion or at least poor narrative building by the media people about what is their real problem with Ertugral being aired on PTV. I think Maria is right in stating that our drama industry needs to be supported by government, which will also provide them with some...