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    "Bitches of the Riches "- Is it true? Circumstantial evidence unfortunately says ... Yes!

    “Bitches of The Riches” Virginia’s Newspaper’s Virginia’s Newspaper put headlines “Are Pakistani courts wealthy bits?”On 17 November 2019, when it was released. news report on “Bitches of The Riches” Virginia’s Newspaper’s Shortly after the release of Newspaper in the markets, on November...
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    Relieved but worried Canadians return home from Kashmir

    When Sabia Zargar travelled to Kashmir this summer, she expected to visit family and show her 10-year-old son the places her mother grew up. What she didn’t anticipate was being stuck inside her parents’ home, unable to go outside to get groceries, let alone sightsee. Ms. Zargar, an educational...
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    India Plans Big Detention Camps for Migrants. Muslims Are Afraid - The New York Times

    India Plans Big Detention Camps for Migrants. Muslims Are Afraid. Image A government official in Kharupetia, in the Indian state of Assam, collected documents from people hoping to be included on an official list of Indian citizens. The citizenship of millions is at risk.CreditCreditSaumya...
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    Qs for Pakistanis

    Dear Pakistanis, If you had to select a corrupt govt what was wrong with PPP? Only thing that has changed is; Money transfer destination from Zurich to London. Till next (s)elections, A Confused Pakistani
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    Tax and loan defaulters: 30-35 percent nominations may be rejected

    Let's see how effectively EC pursue these cases, it will be interesting to see how laws are implemented...I can see very busy SC. On a sidenote, do we have any historical precedence for any high profile politician being convicted for tax...