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    Soft coup in Pakistan??

    i dont understand why put a army man in very political position where he will be responding to the likes of ganjay family and billus and fazlus... also when he is the chariman of something so strategic
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    Hina Rabbani Khar: India a “Rogue State” | Bullies, Extremists, Fear & Glob

    she speaks very very well. kudos lady. wish you had joined PTI.
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    MSNBC Chris Hayes stripped naked Modi's Racist India!!!

    wow. amazing stuff this. finally world seeing the real india.
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    'This is Pakistan, Not India', Says IHC Opposing Curbs on Free Speech

    your ignorance makes me laugh bro. you shouldve atleast read my other comments.
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    Pakistan’s Quetta rocked by suicide blast, hours after PM Imran Khan claims

    mc india at it again, just before the PSL... motherfuckers.
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    'This is Pakistan, Not India', Says IHC Opposing Curbs on Free Speech

    agreed. india is now a different beast altogether with 800 million people hating on the 200 million...
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    'This is Pakistan, Not India', Says IHC Opposing Curbs on Free Speech

    this is pakistan not india, overhere we just kill people without any reason all we have to do is either accuse them of blasphemy or that he was a qadiani plotting against the country.
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    PAF plane on routine training mission crashes near Mardan

    the fuck is going on here... we turned into IAF or something?
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    Thank you PIA for making my choices clear for future

    try flying domestic in usa and canada they make you pay for 2nd bag, extra leg room, any type of food, even seat preference... so dont be so quick... PIA is coming out of the shithole, be patient with it... they actually have very good customer serivce call center in khi... i have been impressed...
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    First time in one and half year PM Imran Khan takes 2 days off

    he lost the match but abhi series khatam nai hui... election announce karo aur 2/3 say wapis akar inki mc bc karo
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    تو بالآخر حُکومت ہر طرح‌ سے ہار گئی کیونکہ نوازشریف کو اجازت ۔ منصور علی خان

    bhai yeh khushi ka nahi ronay ka makaam hai... doob marnay ka maqam hai... ajj confirm hogaya puri qom sharifon ki ghulam hai specially ppl like you
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    Thank You General Saab!

    bc inko kuch na bolo tou army bhi achi courts bhi achay.... kya mulk hai yeh waisay.... ghulam ibn ghulam ibn ghulam
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    حکومتی آفر گھٹیا سیاست کی بدترین مثال ہے، حسین نواز

    bharway paisay nikal aur abba lay ga... ghatia insaan abba aur bhen ko jail bhej kar khud ayashian karta phira aur lecture day raha hai...
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    Aisy Gustakh Hukmran Ko Hatana Puri Qaum Ki Zimadari Hai | Abdul Ghafoor Haideri speech at Azadi March

    i hope because of fazlu it becomes illegal to be a maulvi and politician at the same time in the country... time to bury "mazhabi jamaatain" they are nothing but fitnas... "corruption tou koi issue nai hai meray liye"....
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    At least one country is trying to listen to its 'Father of the Nation' - Ashok Swain

    really dislike Asif Ghafoors involvement on each and every matter... really hope he gets changed soon... he needs to stick to his role
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    Vicky cousin hai Jemima ka, Mufti Kifayatullah apni bat par qaim

    sharam isko nahi balkay un logo ko anni chaiye jo in logo ko support kar rahain hain sirf iss liye kay pehli dafa aisi hukumat hai jo army say phadda nai kar rahi....
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    "Will bring women in dharna to celebrate when Imran Khan resigns" - Mufti Kifayat ullah

    ghatiya "maulvis" like this have caused the real destruction of this country. they are filthy minded from the inside...