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    Big News about Dr Abdul Qadir Khan || Imran Waseem

    Shameful attitude of the judges towards Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan! Did they have the same questions for corrupt sharif khandan when they were playing their tricks to continue with loot sale of Pakistan's assets??
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    Rumours about arrest of Siddique Jan.

    AoA every one. I heard a rumor by a youtuber that Siddique Jan is in big trouble, he has been arrested. Anyone can confirm or deny with authority? I hope he is alright and doing what he loves to do.
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    Imran Khan's Made In Pakistan Program Leads The Country Towards Self-reliance | By Abdul Qadir

    Watch this. It makes me so proud and very angry at the same time with past governments for keeping us behind!
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    Ulema should hold jamaat with COVID-19 quarantined people

    Ulema should hold jamaat with COVID-19 quarantined people 5 times a day for 1-2 weeks and that can help them realize how much they trust their own claims.
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    Where are top Cricketers of Pakistan in Corona crisis??

    Do these players deserve the love of people for their batting or balling?? Time to step up or step out from the hearts of Pakistanis.
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    Please all people should watch LAUNDROMAT , the movie on Netflix. It IS ABOUT PANAMA PAPERS. Starring, Merryl Streep, Antonio Banderas, Schumer.
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    Rush Limbaughs'

    99% of the so-called Anchors of mainstream media in Pakistan are used to shooting from the hip, trigger happy, ill-informed political workers. Their main interest is to create sensationalism to increase the ratings for their channels instead of educating masses. They are like Rush Limbaugh but...
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    Pandemic, Inna ma al usri Yusra.

    Allah says in Koran that every difficulty has ease. Fast Forward button on the old VCR of Pakistan's development. This pandemic is a difficulty that we all have to face and this is an opportunity to develop many required policies, plans at a speed which might have not been possible on regular...
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    The Rich and infamous! Total selfish jahils. Her husband fired and sent their employee who was positive for COVID-19 home instead of getting him medical help. Now, this same employee traveled in God knows how many buses to get home to Vihari. This couple should be jailed...
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    Aam aadmi ka kiya kasoor?

    May Allah guide us all.
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    Qoran recitation with Tarteel, 4 principles. Dr. M. Iqbal

    While practicing social distancing use time for best learning.
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    Dog bite treatment and Corona Virus-Tazad?!

    I am a little amazed that Sindh government is suddenly APPARENTLY very active against Corona virus and showing an amazing capacity for isolation and whatever is needed!! Is this the same government that could not provide food to poor children and blamed the federal government for not providing...
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    They call him selected and then say he is going against all powers? Tazaad.

    Listen to arguments, they make a lot of sense.
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    Why Nawaz Sharif wants Maryam in London? Siddique Jaan 13/03/2020

    Why Nawaz Sharif wants Maryam in London. What the mainstream media is not talking about, as usual.
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    Indian situation, Shashi Tharoor, 04/03/2020

    What mainstream media does not tell us. As usual.
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    Justice Saqib Nisar's son gets married in a lavish manner.
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    Dehli burning was planned.

    Watch this interview and read comments on youtube how Bharati people are openly saying that this was planned by BJP.
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    Dehli Riots 24/02/2020

    What Goon, corrupt mainstream media is not showing but the world is watching. See the background.