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    Govt considering to start military training in educational institutions - Haroon Rasheed...

    We had NCC and the guys training us had so low IQ ! We need to educate our present below officer level staff in army . They badly need upto date training . Just simply making them physically strong is not training.
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    Exclusive talk with senior analyst Moeed Pirzada

    Pakistan may jinnat ko aathay huway sharam aathi hay .
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    Exclusive interview of Imran khan nephew Hassan Niazi

    Is kanjar ko pakar kar qatal aur iqdam qatal ke cases banaye jayain , people died . Laikin is beghairat society may kuch nahi hona.
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    Big achievement of Pakistan in UN - Justice Asif Khosa - Sami Ibrahim Analysis

    I think India is forgetting its not 60s or 70s . It was bad time on us but Pak forces had enough war practice in last 15 years.
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    Was there any pressure on PM Khan to not attend Kuala Lumpur Summit? Orya Maqbool Jan comments

    Haan na or kya . Orya maqbool jan tho waisay hi parai tatti pe poosiyaan maar raha hay . Erdogan nay jo bathay woh theray bgaijay may nahi uthri kya.
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    Should Danish forgive Mehwish in Mere Pass Tum Ho, Watch Public Opinion

    Halala karna parayga woh bhi Bogus Allama Ashrafi se
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    کیا عمران خان نے واقعی سعودی عرب کے کہنے پر دورہ ملائیشیا منسوخ کیا؟جانیے اس ویڈیو میں

    What is your take on , if Pakistan was a rich country and we could not be blackmailed for money take out of our reserves and 4 million workers loosing jobs ? . Paisa boltha hay is dunya may meri jaan . I do not know you but just look at yourself , whats your own status in your own family ? How...
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    کیا عمران خان نے واقعی سعودی عرب کے کہنے پر دورہ ملائیشیا منسوخ کیا؟جانیے اس ویڈیو میں

    Is may video deknay ki kya zaroorat hay ? Turkey nay sub kuch batha kar bharay bazar may hum nangay logo ko aur bhi nanga kardiya . Saudi nay Economic threat diya hay . Poor IK got no choice.
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    مشرف کی پھانسی، اور ٹرک کی بتی

    Come on PTI guys say something atleast about this Musharraf case atleast. They all are quite as they want to say something but they cant !
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    MQM Pakistan will take out a rally in support of Musharraf tomorrow | Khawaja Izhar

    They are the real astray animals who has destroyed Karachi and killed and burnt people as per Busharraf instructions. They are still there and kept there to be used anytime. Real people of Pakistan need to come up and especially people of Karachi . These MQM goons such punishments as well.
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    یہ کیس بنتا ہی نہیں تھا، کیس جھوٹا ہے، اختر شاہ

    Why on earth india will take over Pakistan. We the people of Pakistan pay for keeping an army .We Simply telling them to do their job only and not to take over political affairs . You must be comming from a house with few principles for everyone in your house e,g meal times , study times for...
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    14 important Points of Justice Nazar Akbar Dissenting Note || Detail's by Muhammad Zameer || ZM News

    You did not ask a question. You simply proved yourself a mentally retard.
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    Federal govt would not be involved in Musharraf case: Ali Mohammad Khan

    They are already involved, taking that justice to judicial council ! . Actually they really do not want to be involved but forced to do so .
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    یہ کیس بنتا ہی نہیں تھا، کیس جھوٹا ہے، اختر شاہ

    These people are trying to twist things and media helping them . The fact is Musharraf suspended constitution and many crimes , the people of Pakistan knows it .
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    کالکی اوتار - آخری رسول محمد صلی اﷲ علیہ وسلم بن عبداﷲ ہی ہیں

    Kar lo gal . Ye naya game shuru kardiya . Jo Allah ko nahi maanthay tho is baat pe sub kuch khtham , no more discussion needed. Allah hi sub kuch hay aur Muhammad Sallalho Alaihi Waalehi Wasallam hamari tharah insaan thay aur Allah ke Aakhri nabi thay aur ham sub InshaAllah unke ke peecha unki...
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    Is The Pakistani Military Losing Its Stranglehold Over Power?

    Admin should introduce Dislike option as well in Pk siasat .
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    شہباز شریف کا ڈونگا گلی میں 9 کنال کا گھر نیب کے حکم پر سربمہر

    Aik tho koi isko saaf saaf alfaz may bathaye keh kapray tho dhang ke pehna karo , Sherlock Holmes ke bachay.