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Coronavirus in Pakistan
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    Class dismissed...a must watch video (Malala yousafzai)

    Re: MALALA was Tean,What is our Mental status in our Pakistan? Doctor Sahib, Kia karein, hamaray mujahid aisay hi hain.
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    عامر خان کے ہاتھوں 6مسلح ملزمان کی دھنائی

    No, he is British. If he got caught in crime or terrorism then he will be Pakistani.
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    Jammat-e-islami (ummat newspaper) exposed taking us aid

    Ummat is tasting the same medicine that it prescribes to others daily. I can see few Ummati in pain today.
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    Agha Siraj Durrani s house attacked with hand grenade: Wall writing turning into Ground reality ???

    Did not know that mqm has grenades............Also, mqm philosophy has reached Shikarpur.
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    Imran accused me in my own house: Fazl - ur - Rehman

    Re: Imran accused ♀UNDrESSED♀ me in my own house: Fazl Molbi Diesel is the biggest munnafiq of this era. He is selling Islam to feed himself. He has made people fool for long time and now its shattering...........
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    Remove pictures of me from public, private institutions: Altaf Hussain

    Re: positive step all political party should fallow I did not know that Altaf's pictures were posted in government offices held by mqm. What a shame.
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    Imran Waziristan Peace March is Jews conspiracy to defeat Obama in Elections - Irfan Siddiqui

    G chahta k aisi galian doon es Siddiqi ko k ban ho jaon laikin majboori hai, ki addiction hai.
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    Double Standard Policy of Geo!

    Not a big issue. Its just an innocent mistake. Couple days ago, some paper wrote Zulfiqar Khosa as governor instead of Lateef khosa.
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    Pakistan Army - How True Is The Statement That Pakistan Army Is Punjabi Dominated?

    Just wait for few comments. Here are some people who will prove that General Gracey was Cheema of Sialkot.
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    World T20 Semi Final - Pak vs SriLanka - Discussion

    Re: Where to watch live streaming of wt20??
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    سوال: عمران خان طالبان کے خلاف احتجاج کیوں &am

    Re: سوال: عمران خان طالبان کے خلاف احتجاج کیوں Very sad,, mehwish_ali Instead of appreciating Imran for standing up for the helpless and mazlooms, you are questioning his intentions and raising irrelevant questions. Why don't you send few launats on Musharraf who agreed to these drones. You...
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    ** Which player do YOU think will decide the fate of the semi-final tomorrow? **

    Its been one year for him. Now its the time.
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    PML-n Leader Lie on LIVE TV Talk Show .......Spartacus

    General Zia Ul Haq nay jo baldiati election karay thay............Zia N league ka roohani father hai...lehaza aap N league sey credit nahi cheen saktay. Phir Musharraf nay baldiati election karay thay................aur aap batao k Musharraf ko kis nay chief banaya tha..........lehaza aap yeh...
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    India Slams Pakistan at United Nations

    Plebiscite as promised is the good way to solve it but who will run away from it? The party who is afraid to lose.
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    hazar Daastan

    Hasan Nisar is an x-ray machine. Do not blame machine for your own cancer.
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    PTI ki maqbooliat mein 10% ki kami hoi .Imran Khan

    This proves that Imran does not lie even it comes down to admitting the loss of his own popularity. Can you imagine, Nawaz, Zardari, Asfand,Altaf, Phajja admitting that their popularity has declined. PPP popularity is going down the drain but would they admit................No way.
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    Raza Hayat Hiraj (not) to join Nawaz league

    Q league ko tou akhari breath liye huay bhia bahut time ho gia hai. Q league was never an ideological party but gang of corrupt and bayzameers who dispersed after Musharaf exit. Those people are the real enemy of Pakistan. Many of them joined PTI and N league. I will never vote for this...