Total Cases
Coronavirus in Pakistan
PUNJAB 1072 BALUCHISTAN 175 Deaths 41
KP 343 AJK/GB 204 Recovered 130

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    Western Media Propaganda

    to be honest, im closely watching what's happening in first world countries they are having a extremely difficult time controlling all of this so the bill gates is right about, 3rd world countries having a tough time
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    This is bigger than a world war - Sheikh Rasheed on Coronavirus

    he is sounding the alram bells be prepared for really really horrible times
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    India: Thousands of litres of cow urine consumed in Gujarat daily

    who cares lets care about Pakistan let them deal with their issues. Why do you come on here and only post india related content?
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    which politician does this person look like :D

    lol...what a perfect match backfired!!!
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    Sindh: Doctors forced to combat coronavirus without PPE, salaries & food...

    dawn is an anti state institute must be shut down
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    Why did journalists boycott PM's media briefings???

    Allah khair kare ga
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    Herd Immunity in Sweden for coronavirus - Scientist are terrified

    You obviously know nothing about vaccines. I'd suggest, you do a quick search before ruining your repute on this forum. No offence!
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    Western Media Propaganda

    at least he has the brain to think and courage to speak about it.
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    Herd Immunity in Sweden for coronavirus - Scientist are terrified

    I hope this works as effectly on humans as well 🤞
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    New York hospitals are a battle ground - Numbers rising rapidly

    New York is exactly like Wuhan city really horrible situation
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    Coronavirus lockdown leaves India's poorest fearing hunger

    India and Pakistan will both be equally devastated
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    How Taiwan Contained Corona:Early Action,Technology &Millions of Face mask

    Canada has a population of 4 crore they are having a difficult time with all the resources they have i dont know what Pak and india will do
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    Khabib is such a genuine guy!!

    he hardly speak any english but you could tell he is an extremely smart and logical guy
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    Khabib is such a genuine guy!!

    his name is habib indeed russians are just weird with spelling
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    IK has won the World Cup again

    spot on brother