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    Is Imran Niazi a true muslim ?

    Did you forgot your sister...............and mother, to whom he use to hump as well
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    کیا میڈیا کو عمران خان کی حکومت گرانے کے لیے استعمال کیا جا رہا ہے،جانیے صدیق جان سے

    The whole nation is corrupt, These people don't need honest leaders, this nation will destroy their country with own hands, and their liberty will be snatched away
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    گاڑی کے سامنے آنے پر خاتون نے بچے کو سرعام بہیمانہ تشدد کا نشانہ بنا ڈالا

    should be punish child's parents for disciplinary, and charge that lady as well to take the law in her own hand
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    How Gulalai Ismail 'escapes' to New York? Know from Dr Aamir Liaquat

    She will sit there , and do more propaganda against our institutions like Hussain Haqani or Tariq fateh
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    Pakistan observes #KashmirHour in solidarity with Kashmir! - Maleeha Hashmey

    what a peace of shit you are............go fuck your mother and sister
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    Red Alert on Pakistani passport in mexico ? humiliating story of a pakistani lady

    Abey ulu...yeh tumharey sabqa hram khor hukmarnoun ka ......or tum khud logiun ka kia dhra hey
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    Why India is Afraid of COAS - General Bajwa! - Maleeha Hashmey

    Oooo Larki ( bibi) don't be to bold , don't be too much open, just one thing cover your self properly. post your video in manners and respected way.........other then that doing good job, stay blessed
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    Zartaj Gul Press Conference | Ban On Plastic Bags | 21 Aug 2019

    I have a job for your sister, joke. reach me asap
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    ریحان کا قاتل حکمران وقت ہے

    inn kabisoun ko qabz ho jai ya motion lug jaein tub bhee Imran khan ka naam laga detey hein..................biwi kise orr sey murwa lay tub bhi IK ka naam laga detey hein......bhuto mur gia lekin zinda hey...............
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    Senator Faisal Javed reaction on Bilawal Bhutto press conference

    what! yuk jehti? these two thief goons looted the country
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    Indian authorities locked down Srinagar’s Masjid for Eid prayer - Mishaal Malik's video message

    yeh baney ...peshaab peney waley .....peace of shit ...will be vanished
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    Indian authorities locked down Srinagar’s Masjid for Eid prayer - Mishaal Malik's video message

    yeh zulm apney in jaam ko pohanch ker rahey ga... or Endia ka end ho ga......Inshallah
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    کشمیر معاملہ گرم اور کپتان برف پر بیٹھ گیا

    you are a haram khor, b zameer, nalaiq, kum akal, ghatia soch, kund zehn, shetaan e awal
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    Maleeha Hashmi thrashes Hamid Mir Once again

    You M ...F...k .... bag licker
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    This is condemnable..!

    what would you say when with in 500M radious, Azaan come from four mosques, each mosque having four loud speakers of each mosque all at one time, more over b4 and after naat speacially early morning at 3.00am?
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    ''Do you think Asif Zardari is innocent?'' - Maryam Nawaz responds to reporter's question

    Awam k rush sey restaurant bhrey parey hein. piaz aj pbhi 30 rs kilo hey. orr 2 saal pehley yehee piaz 80 rupey kilo tha.