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  1. Prince of Dhump

    NZ NRR so far

    NZ(137/16.1) v Srilaka (136/50) NZ(248/47.1) v Bangladesh(244/50) NZ(173/32.1) v Afg(172/50) NZ v India : abondened NZ(245/48.3) v SA(241/50) NZ(291/50) v WI(286/50) NZ(237/50) v Pak(241/49.1) NZ(157/50) v Aus(243/50) NZ(-) v Eng(305/50) Based on these results RR against:1868/399.1=4.69 RR...
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  3. Prince of Dhump

    Elephant Eats Girls Iphone This is Hilarious
  4. Prince of Dhump

    Is this alright from SKMH

    A few points crossed my mind 1. IK getting treatment in SKMH for his backbone at which its not directed. 3. Giving interview from SKMH. 4. Discussing his political strategies in SKMH. 5. Video speech from SKMH today. I know he has his fair fair share in making SKMH but he has never made...