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    PM iK' Nephew again in action, See how he humilate person in car

    plz change title to "Hafizullah Niazi's Son"
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    Huawei launches budget 5G smartphone Honor V30

    THESE ARE THE CHEAPES 5G PHONES link given, in case any of you interested ,can get from link below.
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    Customers lose confidence in after they deliver damaged and sub standard items

    It's sellers mistake, not the owners of the web (if they haven't got any such complains about that specific sellers before and if they were not returning the money or replacing the item). People must check seller rating before buying and if anything goes wrong they should complain on web...
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    Pakistan vs Afghanistan Updates

    just go to history press clear browsing data, uncheck all except cookies and press clear.
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    Pakistan vs Afghanistan Updates

    can you give link of that app? thanks
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    Pakistan vs Afghanistan Updates

    just dont press allow on any pop-up and dont let it store cookies. if you have windows 10 and your windows defender is active (especially web protection and real time protection) then no need to worry.
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    مریم نواز کا حرم کعبہ کے باہر وزیراعظم پر ہونے والی نعرے بازی پر ردعمل

    You Are Right bcz i can see that nobody is noticing it or looking towards him which shows the reality and real face of potwari's trying to fool people.
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    You can't keep a man in jail like this who's been PM 3 times - Javed Ch

    isko moun kholne kon bolta hai??? ?
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    Nawaz's complete treatment is not possible in 6 weeks; Musaddiq Malik

    yar gan* main kharish ka koi ilaj nhi
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    We saw Allah's miracle, someone was diverting the bullets - Mufti Taqi Usmani about assassination attempt on him

    comment section main Itni Bakwas kisi bhi aalim e deen ke khilaf dekh ker afsos hota hai.
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    Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir joins BJP

    Yar ye chooti Lu**i walou ko kon khatir main lata hai?
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    Popular US pancake chain IHOP to open 19 restaurants in Pakistan

    Before putting dumb comments here ,plz search about IHOP.
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    A Diffrence Between P.T.I and T.L.P

    By Patwari production