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    What a beautiful Quran recitation, must listen

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    Why a young former mayor is surging in US election? WILL Pete Buttigieg be America's first gay president

    Pete Buttigieg has surged towards the top of the pack ahead of New Hampshire's Democratic primary on Tuesday. He's drawing more attention from voters - and more attacks from presidential rivals who view this newcomer to national politics as a serious threat. There's an old saying about the...
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    Short Message for every muslim

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    Sehwag comments about Shoib akhter

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    The war on Muslims (with Mehdi Hasan)

    With “reeducation" camps in China, religious disenfranchisement in India, ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, street violence in Sri Lanka, mass shootings in New Zealand, the flourishing of far-right parties across Europe, and the mainstreaming of Islamophobia in America, there’s been a global surge in...