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    G Kay Sang With Mishal Malik: Not a good idea 20 Years age gap husband

    What kind of leaders these are? She looks like a model not a wife of freedom movement leader. Your persona should reflect your passion for freedom but all cliche talk and same scripted dialogues. I think we should stop this topi drama of Kashmir and move on.
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    اے خدا مجھے اپنا دیدار کرا دے، قاسم سلیمانی کی آخری تحریر

    Here we go! Agay Islam k tekaydar. Now time to sell stuffs.
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    U.S request Pakistan to Close PAK - IRAN border

    Well it’s obvious lol
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    U.S request Pakistan to Close PAK - IRAN border

    Don’t worry Pakistani Generals are ready to offer their pussies like Musharraf did. Don’t expect much once coward always coward
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    Who was General Qasim Sulemani (Urdu)

    This commentator linked the killing of this general to pakistan by talking about gulboshan , etc. Don’t try to twist thing. This has nothing to do with Pakistan . Stay calm guy !!
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    Mahathir: in UN, me, Erdoğan & Imran thought we all 3 should work together but Imran did not come

    Beggars has directions they go where the money is?
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    Pervez Musharraf's popularity after the decision was not even in his presence: Dr Shahid Masood

    Hang this bastard Musharraf. He killed pushtuns and was so cruel. Now karma got him. COward
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    Lawyers visit PIC with flower bouquets following LHC's Suggestion

    WHat about those who died? This country is full of shit. Kill all these.
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    Govt protects Nephew Niazi name not in FIR

    Ppl are right. nobody cares about other ppl. Powerful ppl protect their family first so yes ppl should defenitely ask about cousin first. If you want to prove justice take action against him first. But its fine this logic is not going to work on a patwari
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    Govt protects Nephew Niazi name not in FIR

    i think you are turning into a maha patwari. the same logic we been hearing for 70 years from patwaris. Its now confirmed that the whole country is patwari. may be we should change this country name into patwaristan. i am PTI supporter but yes ppl are right put this bastard cousin into jail.
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    Talal Chaudhry uses abusive language against PTI MNA in live show

    She started it now playing woman card. Bitch
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    Why Mehwish Hayat was reluctant to discuss kashmir on camera?

    oh my gosh. did we see how conservative we are because of afghan jihand propaganda? where these moulana fazal rehman and other shits came into prominence. Go back in 60s and 70s and see how Pakistan was at that time. Now you have pain di siri.
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    Why Mehwish Hayat was reluctant to discuss kashmir on camera?

    What olama? olama fucked this country. Do you know where muslims stand now in the world? go see yourself in a mirror!
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    How Overseas Pakistanis can uplift the country in a short period? Air Marshal Shahid Latif tells

    Overseas Pakistanis! A cash cow for rest of Pakistan but they are treated shit when they go back.
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    Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid left the celebration as soon as English players started showering Champagne

    What about Chinese?? What about Muslims in 1000 AD? It’s just the matter of time and history one nation goes up another down but one thing for sure you will stay inferior forever retarded prick
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    ہمیں اب رک جانا چاہیے

    jeda in action. He learned how to turn harm into halal. good jeda
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    ? ? ? اینکرز ایسے بھی ہوتے ہیں

    who call iPhone an apple? I never heard living 10 years in states someone calling iphone an APPLE. And the way he pronounced apple, it was seriously not an iPhone, but apple of swat. come on guys.
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    Hafiz Saeed booked for terror funding

    Mufti Popalzai? Randi ki aulad kis ko kis say compare kar raha hay. Kuti ka nasal barway
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    Rana Sanaullah’s wife reveals different story behind his arrest

    jab maar jaye to khabar dena!