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  1. Shazi ji

    Bhai Charra and not making Fun of others !!

    This is actually a common psychological tendency called projection. We emphasize traits we dislike in ourselves to other people. We are then driven crazy by these people since their qualities are the ones we try to suppress. The whole point of projection is to offload feelings that we don’t...
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    Insaaf at its BEST !!

    The president launching his son's new business venture !! arifkarim Bubber Shair @sibertie Tit4Tat
  4. Shazi ji

    What’s happening in NAYA PAKISTAN ?

    ISLAMABAD: After holding on to it for nearly six months, Pakistan on Friday gave in to the International Monetary Fund’s pressure by releasing the audit report of expenditures incurred on Covid-19, disclosing over Rs40 billion irregularities in operations. The findings of the Auditor General of...
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    What went wrong in supporting IK ?

  6. Shazi ji

    Where are the PROMISES 💥💥

  7. Shazi ji

    How long can you avoid the nation 💥🍭

    Is it not the time to show the country that you do want to fulfill the promises you made or just another lollipop 🍭
  8. Shazi ji

    Madina ki Riasat is good 🍭💥

  9. Shazi ji

    Can’t Understand ?? Can you explain please 💥💥

    It is usually advisable to think before you speak , but in this case one never thinks what is being said as U turn will be taken the next day
  10. Shazi ji

    PMIK Nab and Business Friends 💥🍭

    Will any action be taken against Tareen or Khusro Or as usual SPEECHES and lollipops to nation. Awam already upset on giving NRO to opposition
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    Sometimes what you say is the truth ,, and don’t think for a moment that you are different ruler
  12. Shazi ji

    Promised to small CABINET 🍭🍭

    Are we not supposed to cut down on extravagant expenses on all these ministers. People need money , Govt needs money WHAT A SCENARIO IN CORONA ,,AWAM IS LOOKING AT GOVT FOR HELP ,,,, AND OUT PM IS ASKING FOR CHANDA HIMSELF
  13. Shazi ji

    FIRDOUS Ashiq Awan knew this long time ago 🍭

    She explained very well ‼️‼️ ‏ایسٹ انڈیا کمپنی نے بہادر شاہ ظفر سے آخری اختیار بھی لے لیا ۔ ‏
  14. Shazi ji

    LOCKDOWN relaxation and its impact 💥

    Serious consideration should be given to what the front line soldiers are suggesting,,, All the hard work and patience of the nation should not go to waste by relaxing lockdown ‼️
  15. Shazi ji

    Should anyone be spared as promised 🍭🍭

    NO NRO, no one above the law !!! It’s about time to show the Container slogans did mean something and were not just for votes. All should be treated equally and dealt with Iron Hand ‼️
  16. Shazi ji

    WHY lockdown not followed PTI MPA 🍭💥

    They should be setting examples
  17. Shazi ji

    Pehle Socho Phir BOLO 💥

    Never thinks while speaking ,,, since last 6 yrs So please avoid SASTA NASHA