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  1. TheYouth2

    Imran Khan Became The Most Powerful Prime Minister

    Next term is in the bag inshaAllah. I can't wait to see Patwaris crying in their diapers once again in 2023!!
  2. TheYouth2

    Inside story of Rana Shamim Affidavit in front of Notary public in London*

    I hope they used the right font this time!!
  3. TheYouth2

    Inside story of Rana Shamim Affidavit in front of Notary public in London*

    Nawaz Daku still playing old dirty games. That's why all he has received is Zillat. On the other hand, Imran Khan has received Izzat. Alhumdulillah!
  4. TheYouth2

    The inflation is real and is global. Lifafas and Elite Mafia are LIARS

    I have lived abroad for decades, never seen such kind of inflation. So, the inflation in Pakistan is not a surprise.
  5. TheYouth2

    BREAKING: BJP IT Cell ATTACKS Hasan Ali & Wife

    If Hasan Ali made the catch, who can guarantee that Pakistan would have still won??!! Only person I can think of is Spartacus of 🤔
  6. TheYouth2

    *Khan will fail?!*

    Just like they doubted Khan in all other challenges in his life, they are doing it again. Khan is doing things for the long run. Our awaam always want things fast, always looking for shortcuts. That is why our awaam invests in B4U type of scams. Only patient people find success in the long run...
  7. TheYouth2

    After Destroying Pk Economy Criminal Ishaq Dar Is Worried About Poor People

    Ishaq Dollar, corrupt/selfish human being who made towers in UAE with haram money. These haram money launderers will pay the price for looting Pakistan, in this life, in their grave and in the Hereafter!!
  8. TheYouth2

    Zubair Umar's Leaked Videos | Ethics and Implications

    Moral of the story. Nalaiq League will continue on the path of failures. Najaiz League will no longer be allowed to loot Pakistan's wealth.
  9. TheYouth2

    Premium Membership - Path Forward on Siasat pk

    I would like to end this thread by saying that inshaAllah Imran Khan and PTI will win in next elections as well. We will celebrate once again on like we did in 2018! Patwaris can keep crying and we will continue to enjoy, watching them cry!
  10. TheYouth2

    ECNEC approves conversion of Prime Minister House to university

    Patwaris keep crying as King Khan keeps delivering on his promises!
  11. TheYouth2

    PKR goes to 168.60 highest rate ever against dollar in history.

    Congratulations to Imran Khan for giving biggest litthar to corrupt Daku Shareefs and Asif Bemari. No one ever thought this could be done. These corrupt ghaddars will never ever be able to sell Pakistan's valuable resources/secrets ever again, inshaAllah. Imran Khan is here to stay for long...
  12. TheYouth2

    کمنٹری باکس جیسا آسان کام چھوڑ کر یہاں آنا مشکل تھا، رمیز راجا

    He is indeed right, but a man who has been captained by the great Imran Khan has a higher chance of succeeding. Best of Luck to him in this challenging new role!
  13. TheYouth2

    Pakistani Exports At Peak | Breaking All Records Due To CPEC,

    Nawaz Ghaddar Nashareef will sell his country and its secrets for a few flats in London. IMRAN KHAN IS HERE FOR LONG TERM, RO PATWARIS RO!!
  14. TheYouth2

    Meet Nadeem Kakazai IK's Biggest Fan, Danced Outside Junaid Safdar Wedding

    Nawaz Ghaadar Nashareef is the biggest hypocrite politician Pakistan has ever seen. He has no love for his country and will sell his country and its secrets for a couple of flats in London.
  15. TheYouth2

    Jo Kam Nahi Karega Wo GHAR Jayega | New IG Punjab Rao Sardar's Media Talk

    Very true, Pakistani Awaam sent Nawaz Corrupt Liar NaShareef to his home in London which he acquired by haram money. inshaAllah Ghaddar Shareef will never step in PM house ever again. Patwaris can whine all they want, Imran Khan and PTI are here for very long term. Patwari Politics and old times...
  16. TheYouth2

    CIA Cheif visted Pakistan Today coming from Delhi and went back Delhi.

    All I want to say is, thank you Allah for blessing Pakistan with nuclear power. All these whiners can talk all they want as they have been forever, no power can ever undo Pakistan Alhumdulillah. We bow down to our creator but no one else!!
  17. TheYouth2

    Disaster averted by Babar and Fawad!!!

  18. TheYouth2

    India is Screwed by Pakistan, Christine Fair!!!

    India has been screwed since they elected a Hindu Extremist in Modi. Now Ghani can go in Modi's Godi!
  19. TheYouth2

    The world is going to be a scary place in the future

    Where is Spartacus of when you need him?!
  20. TheYouth2

    WI will in T20 2021 World Cup. Screenshot it.

    We are waiting for Spartacus of to provide his screenshots for today so he can show us after the T20 WC for his genius capabilities of predicting the future. After that, we will send him a box full of Gulab Jamuns for his extraordinary skills!