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  1. jee_nee_us

    Challenge to All TLP supporters!

    Youtube has blasphemous content and they have refused to remove it even after several requests. As you are ready to go to any lengths for your cause , why not only burn down your android phones which is powered by google and google owns youtube. Delete all your gmail accounts as its also powered...
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    When emissions standards be implemented in pakistan?

    Pakistan is one of the worst hit country environmentally , yet we don't see any concrete steps to tackle the elephant in the room. There is no auto emissions standards in pakistan , or if there are any they are not implemented. There are no industrial emissions standards either. Whatever we...
  3. jee_nee_us

    What is this sugarcane crushing season date fiasco?

    Today two press conferences were going on. Shahbaz gill was saying that sindh didnt begin crushing in october. Whereas murtaza wahab on the other side was saying that crushing season only begins on 15th of november. No mill in punjab or kpk is crushing at the moment. The government can't be...
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    پاکستان کا ورلڈ کپ میں سب سے تگڑا حریف ۔ افغانستان

    افغانستان کی بولنگ ان کنڈیشنز کے لئے ورلڈ کپ کی سب سے بہترین بولنگ ہے ۔ افغانی ویسے بھی پاکستان کے آگے بہت جان مرتے ہیں ۔ یہ میچ بھی بہت بڑا ہو گا ۔
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    سود پر قرضہ دینے سے ریاست مدینہ کا آغاز نہیں ہو سکتا

    اگر قرضہ دینا ہی ہے کامیاب جوان پروگرام کے تحت تو قرض حسنہ دیں ۔ سود تو اللّه اور اس کے رسول کے خلاف جنگ کے مترادف ہے۔ اگر ایسے اقدامات کرنے ہی ہیں تو تو ریاست مدینہ کا نام نا لیا جائے۔ مجھے آج تک حکومتی مولویوں کا رول سمجھ نہیں آیا ، چاند نظر آیا یا نہیں کے علاوہ ان لا کام کیا ہے۔ اسلامی...
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    تقریریں بند کر کے کام شروع کیا جائے

    Its time that Prime minister stops his tarqrirain and do some real work , just stop taqreers for two years now and let your actions speak. Dont want to hear anymore that maeeshat is going to take off. Produce results now.
  7. jee_nee_us

    Sialkot ke heroes!

  8. jee_nee_us

    Imran Khans love for old hogs is baffling.

    Handed over important ministries to guys like ghulam sarwar , azam sawati and sheikh rasheed. Now worse of them all , shokat tareen. Is this the kind of team we were expecting? 4 months in and shokat tarin has already reversed what little was achieved by this government. The way things are going...
  9. jee_nee_us

    Civil Supremacy

    Ek wo jo kehta tha maine 5 atomic dhamakay kiye
  10. jee_nee_us

    Please stopping using word Lawatat.

    Hazrat Loot PBUH Allah ke jalil ul qadar nabi thay aur aaj iss forum mein him iss had tak gir chukay hein ke bagher sochay samjhay word lawatat ka istemaal ker rehay hain ye sochay samjhay bagher ke Hazrat Loot AS ke naam ki tazlil ho rahee he. Apne aap ko apni zaban ko qabu mein rakhain.
  11. jee_nee_us

    The writing is on the wall for PTI and Imran Khan.

    Inflation Inflation Inflation!!! Nothing else matters. The government has totally failed to control inflation , when there was inflation in first couple of years they said that Ppp and pmln too faced this kind of inflation in the first two years. Now its its 2 years and 8 months of this...
  12. jee_nee_us

    Pakistan ki jailain khali honi chahyen!

    Justice faiz esaa ka case dekhen aur saree shareef family ka jo bail kerwa ker baher aagai he. Abid boxer ka ya uzair baloch ka. Un mqm ke karkunon ka jin ke paas se dhamaka khez mawaad mila tha , gilani ka jis ne toshay khane ko apne abbe ka maal samjha tha. Ishaq daar ka jissne mulk ko girwi...
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    Where is Pakistan's Manmohan Singh?

    The man who turned india's economy for good. Pakistan have never found the right man for the job , its either economic hitmen like dar or noobs like asad umar ,hina rabbani khar, hamad azhar and shokat tareen. Will there ever be a right person for the job , or are we already too deep in the...
  14. jee_nee_us

    Maryam Safdar ki kitni lambi bail hui thi?

    ye baat theek hai ke maryam safdar jail ke baher noon league ki lutya ziada dabo rahee hai lekin iss fraudan aurat ki kitni lambi bail hui thee jo abhi tak khatam nahin hui? ye aurat kisi bhi ilzam se baree nahin hui thee balke aik mujrima ke tore per jail mein thee. hamare mulk ke hukmarano...
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    PDM ki tehreek

  16. jee_nee_us

    Load Shedding in Sialkot

    After that blackout , there is a loadshedding of around 6 hours from 9 to 3 every altrenate day In sialkot cantt area. Is there loadshedding in other cities as well.?
  17. jee_nee_us

    Failure or unwillingness of the government to protect hazara community

    Do you know what this could potentially lead to? A battleground in quetta , in the end hazara community which is good 500000 in numbers may not have no choice but to take up arms and mind you its not difgicult to acquire arms in this part of pakistan with smuggling as easy as buying a cigarette...
  18. jee_nee_us

    Should Sheikh Rasheed really be a minister?

    After failing at railway ministry he has been given a bigger responsibility of interior ministry , not only was he a failure at his previous job but there is also a scandal brewing up in the background. Surely the current government has someone better to hold interior minister position instead...