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  1. Wise-brain

    Another Lie

    Most of the overseas Pakistanis whom are going to vote are from Middle East, they don’t hold any other nationalities or enjoy any rights as the citizen of the country they are residing in. Also, they can’t even buy properties there so everything they earn is invested in Pakistan .
  2. Wise-brain

    "شرم کرو،جاوید چوہدری اتنےبڑے لیکچر دیتا ہے"جاوید چوہدری کا بیٹا عدالت پیش

    Is ko bhi qissay sunatey k aik dafa ka zikr tha, aik naik larka rehta tha….. Astughfirullah! May Allah protect everyone’s child from bad company and wrongdoings. Aameen
  3. Wise-brain

    وزیراعظم کی سپریم کورٹ طلبی، سماعت کا مکمل احوال

    Is the Chief Justice for real???! what Imran khan has to do with APS??!!! Just creating non issue to divert government’s and people’s attention from the real issues !!! Ask Nawaz sharif to come back to face the trial!
  4. Wise-brain

    دودھ بھی بہت مہنگا ہوگیا، بس ایک فیڈر دیتی ہیں ماما: ننھی بچی پریشان

    She’s old enough not have bottles and one bottle of milk is enough for her age. My child is younger than her and I only give milk once. She should be on a proper diet. Also, don’t put sugar in milk as it has natural sugar. I have never given my children sugar in milk. My husband takes sugar free...
  5. Wise-brain

    PM decided to release all Sugar Strategic reserve at one go. More Import.

    If people have to pay high price then import it at higher price from other countries and let sugar mafia suffer , let them store sugar as much as they can!
  6. Wise-brain

    مہنگائی ہماری سب سےبڑی پریشانی ہے، عمران خان

    Inflation has raised all over the world. My siblings live in all different countries and they are reporting the same . We have also facing the same in the U.K. there’s no pay rise for us aswell. Pakistanis have got habit of just making noise without understanding the current situation which is...
  7. Wise-brain

    کسی کی ویڈیو بنا کر لیک کرنا بہت بڑے گناہ کا کام ہے،انصارعباسی

    Had it happened in any western country , the whole media and people would have been after him . Such a disgrace from a senior politician , it’s morally wrong to lure women for jobs and then blackmail them to fulfil your desire. I am surprised and shocked that how media personnel are defending...
  8. Wise-brain

    Low Intellect Approach of Pakistani So Called Journalists

    The rule is simple , Pakistan main Jin logon ka kahin acchey professions main admission nahi hota ya tu wo journalist ban ker wisdom bantey phirtey hain ya lawyer ban jatey hain??!!! What do you expect from judiciary and media in a Pakistan , they all are total failures in school life and never...
  9. Wise-brain

    پاکستان اور بھارت کے درمیان ایک اور جنگ کو روکا جائے، وزیراعظم

    Very precise and to the point speech , he didn’t forget to touch all the important topics. He is well articulated and politically wise person!
  10. Wise-brain

    پاکستان سی پیک منصوبوں کو نگل سکتا ہے نہ اگل سکتا ہے: کامران خان

    Just tell us , how much profit orange line train has generated so far??? That’s only one project which is going on loss !!! Just to eat commission sharifs did a lot of these kind of projects !!! They don’t have mercy on the poor country and its poor people !!!
  11. Wise-brain

    عزت،قومی وقار یہ ہے،جو فون نہیں سنتاوہ مودی خود چل کرپاکستان آیا:نواز شریف

    Jhoot bolta hai isi lyai moun chupata hai! What’s the point of wearing mask!!
  12. Wise-brain

    Shoaib Akhter angry on New Zealand for abandoning the series

    If everyone can remember , Pakistani cricket team was in mosque for Friday prayer when a terrorist attacked the mosque. we didn’t make fuss out of it and no one banned cricket in new Zealand . Now, They are making issue for no reason!
  13. Wise-brain

    پاکستان افغانستان کے اندرونی معاملات میں مداخلت نہ کرے، مریم نواز

    I was just about quote Nawaz sharif statement which was used against Pakistan!! What a shameful family!!! They do everything on purpose !!
  14. Wise-brain

    پاکستان ریڈ لسٹ میں ہی رہے گا

    Also, correct yourself. Most of the foreign remittances come from Middle East which are send by the labour class.
  15. Wise-brain

    پاکستان ریڈ لسٹ میں ہی رہے گا

    You know what , the reason is less inclination towards education !!! Indians are far better in education than us, they focus so much and put so much effort! secondly, because of their education and hard work they have reached important offices in the government and media. The home minister and...
  16. Wise-brain

    نجی فنکشنز پر احتجاج:یہ وہ سوچ ہےجو مینار پاکستان جیسےواقعات کو جنم دیتی ہے

    Yai wo old aged banda hai jo actresses k ghar ka ker unhey swimming pool main daikhta hai!!! western journalist are more ethical and they have boundaries !!!
  17. Wise-brain

    نجی فنکشنز پر احتجاج:یہ وہ سوچ ہےجو مینار پاکستان جیسےواقعات کو جنم دیتی ہے

    Is he in his senses ???!!!!!!!! The wedding was done on tax payers money , actually , the whole family survives on tax payers money. Give someone money to borrow and then stay quiet if he doesn’t return. Apna zati paisa ho tu takleef hoti hai, mulk ka paisa bhar main jai!!!