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    Oil Tumbles on U.S. SPR Draw, Biden’s New Vow to Crackdown on High Prices - Oil prices tumbled anew on Wednesday after data showed a draw down of 3.2 million barrels last week from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve amid a fresh call by President Joe Biden on regulators to crackdown against “illegal” collusion behind high energy prices. Cautions...
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    Coffee prices go up 90% world wide

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    Pig Today

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    Amazing idea for Sugarcane(گنا) waste

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    Kidnapped Teen Saved By TikTok

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    India's Gadia Lohars

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    Does India still have a chance to progress to the next stage?

    Indian cricket fans will undergo the same feeling that usually a Pakistani fan feels when they’ll be keenly depending on the results of other teams in Group 2 of the ICC T20 World Cup, so that Kohli XI could stand a chance to qualify for the next stage of the mega event. India is at the bottom...
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    Dr Shahid supporting and pushing TLP's agenda on social media

    When PTI came into power, Dr Shahid was expecting to become an ambassador in another country for Pakistan. Little he knew that Khan don't work like that. Since that day, he started doing propaganda. Right now he is one of the only few people on social media who is constantly promoting TLP's...