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    Pakistan is America's next target!!

    They could not defeat stone age taliban, Pakistan has a modern trained disciplined defence force with a nuclear arsenal, Pakistanis are not a race of people that run away, American casualties would be astronomical, our mullahs alone are scary bastards that give our enemies nightmares.
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    PMLN hopeful to form Next Govt due to its EXPERIENCED Team !!!

    If pmln win they will make modi the president of Pakistan and force people to drink cow cola like their indian buddies across the border.
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    Shah Mehmood Qureshi meets American counterpart

    That same army is protecting your balls. if you have no loyalty to your country or the people protecting us then fuck off and live in india.
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    Shah Mehmood Qureshi meets American counterpart

    When Shah Mehmood Qureshi met American counterpart he should have spat in his eye instead of being polite like an honourable Pakistani and told him, "Bastard if it were not for Pakistan, your troops in Afghanistan would be seek kabobs on a hot grill. No other country has suffered more than...
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    OIC calls upon world to note Pakistan dossier of India's heinous crimes

    Empty words are not helping Kashmiri people, if these nations truly cared they would punish india by doing something like trade sanctions, deporting indian workers from middle east gulf countries and refusing to cooperate with india until that kaffir country started acting civilised but instead...
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    Imran is plundering national wealth- Nawaz Sharif

    "Imran is plundering national wealth- Nawaz Sharif" LOL It is impossible for anyone in Pakistan today to plunder because you and your family with the bhutto/zardari bastards already took everything you son of a bitch, please die so the nation can make a fresh start. You are a pestilence on our...
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    Imran is plundering national wealth- Nawaz Sharif

    Soor ka batcha, you fucked our country harder than anyone, die already so we can throw you in a ditch where you belong, dont cast aspertions on innocent people after all the shit you got away with, you are hiding in england because if you return the nation will tear your gand open.
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    300 Tola Sona distributed among PM family

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    'Number of Chinese nationals working in Pakistan to reach 5m by 2025

    Be thankful for the expertise and skill, we can learn from them, do you see anyone else helping us, once we are back on our feet our people will have all the skills to make our nation proud, give it time. At this difficult time we dont have many choices yet.
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    PTI likely to be major beneficiary of expats’ votes in next elections

    Overseas Pakistanis are proud patriots with a deep seated hatred for pmln and ppp because they know the country would have prospered if honest people were in charge instead of all the self centred chore harami we have been having forced onto our nation.
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    Setback for IPL as first player tests positive for COVID

    Fuck IPL, what do we care about indian cricket, lets support our own, the indians can go and drink cowpiss, they already think it will cure them of coronavirus because cow is their god. Indian cricketers suck cowcock and lick cow arse like the rest of their filthy parasite kaum.
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    The US Journalist Glenn Beck is talking to Trump about Khan & Pakistan

    India obviously,he loves those kaffirs so much he invited gandumodi to his daughters wedding. He was pm of our country serving the interests of our enemies. May he rot in hell.
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    The Drone Unit that Helped the Taliban Win the War

    Our army has neutralised the leader of tattipee in waziristan and we will neutralise all the other tattipee and anti Pak talibanchoad , we are not americans who run away with their tail shoved up their own gand, or endians who talk tough and then get served Pakistani tea; we can launch drone...
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    Pakistan is an abnormal country, India is a normal country: Pervez Hoodbhoy

    This ullukaphatta is supposed to be educated, he must have gone to an indian school which is why his IQ is in the minus. If you like endia F Off there instead of soiling our country with your presence.
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    Saudi Arabia Offers to Mediate Between Pakistan and India

    Its just lip service, they know it will amount to nothing, in international diplomacy you have to make the right noises, they are trying to deflect attention from the fact that the saudis taught taliban how to be extremists.
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    Islamic Extremists Killed my Mother - Bilawal to BBC!!!

    he is just an old kusra past his prime and needs to be put down because every time he appears it reminds Pakistan that we still have som uullukapatas in our country.
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    Pakistan to receive the first of 22 Chinese Chengdu J10 jet in 2022

    I think its about time we do research and development and start creating what we need instead of buying from others, there are enough clever people in our country who can achieve this. Other countries are researching 5th gen military tech, we should do the same for our own security, if we can...
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    Indian Army chopper Crashed in occupied Kashmir, both pilots dead

    When you recieve good news like this you should celebrate with mithai, i think i will have a ladoo.
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    Reacting to Indian Media Wion on Hijab

    indian media is full of shit thats why indians are the most retarded parasites on earth, they worship cows and drink cow urine because they think its 'nectar of the gods', i remember some months ago an indian priest from their bjp rss told people if you eat cowshit you will not get coronavirus...
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    The Drone Unit that Helped the Taliban Win the War

    I doubt they would be stupid enough to challenge a nuclear armed Pakistan that has suffered a lot thanks to them, they know opinion in Pakistan is no longer favourable to their brand of ideology after all the lives we lost in the past. The people would demand a jaw breaking extreme response. Our...