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  1. SRKhan

    ڈسکہ الیکشن کی رپورٹ سے حکومت کا منہ کالا ہو گیا،محمد زبیر

    کون کالے منہ کی بات کر رہا ہے
  2. SRKhan

    گواہ نہ بھی ہو سزا کیلئے ریپ کےمتاثرہ شخص کا بیان کافی ہوتا ہے : سپریم کورٹ

    When Quran talks about witness, its for the matter of zina, not rape. There's a difference. Do you think it will be possible to bring witness in case of rape ? The rapist will most probably abduct or do the act in some secret place. So use your common sense as well.
  3. SRKhan

    نور جہاں سے متعلق نامناسب الفاظ، علی عظمت کی سوشل میڈیا پر ٹھکائی

    He said he used to think like that while young ? What is wrong with that ? Did any of you like her while you were young ? No one understood and liked those kind of songs while young.
  4. SRKhan

    جس کے کتےاعلیٰ گوشت پر پلتے ہوں اسےریاست مدینہ کانام لیتےسوچنا چاہیے،مریم

    I partially agree. I think the nation have had enough of the speeches. I'm a die hard PTI fan but even I cannot listen to his speeches. He has a couple of things which he keeps repeating, like, I know west more than anyone else, people don't know what they are praying in namaz, rule of law is...
  5. SRKhan

    بلاول کے بیان "میڈیا بھونکتا ہے" پر مخصوص صحافیوں کی پراسرار خاموشی

    میرے بھولے بھائیوں اسکی بات کی اہمیت ہی نئ تو وہ کیوں اہمیت دیں۔ اگر ہوتی تو لوگ جواب دے دیتے
  6. SRKhan

    زبیر عمر

    حنا بٹ کی کوئ ویڈیو نہیں ہے۔ وہ جو ہے وہ صاف کوئ اور ہے۔
  7. SRKhan

    دنیا دیکھے گی کہ ایسا 12 ربیع الاول پہلے کبھی نہیں منایا گیا: وزیراعظم

    Why they included him in ESPN legends of cricket ? A person with psychiatric disorder would reach that level ?
  8. SRKhan

    $6 billion tranche: Pakistan, IMF fail to reach agreement

    Have you seen Shaukat Tareen credentials and Ishaq Dars credentials ? And you're still saying Dar is more competent ? I'd suggest to just go and read Wikipedia page of both and see their professional career. Not saying that honesty alone would bring competence. But Nawaz Sharif cannot be...
  9. SRKhan

    $6 billion tranche: Pakistan, IMF fail to reach agreement

    You think Ishaq dar and Nawaz Sharif were a better combo than current one ? And they were more competent ? Sharif was installed as leader, he's not a self made leader. Anyone who's installed like this like isn't a true leader and won't be selfless. He can never be more competent than someone who...
  10. SRKhan

    Physics suggests that the future has already happened

    اگر تمہیں کوئ یہ کہے کہ یہ کرسی جس پر تم بیٹھے ہو خود بخود وجود میں آگئ کروڑوں اربوں سال میں، کیوںکہ درخت کی لکڑی گری اور وہ دوسری لکڑی کے ساتھ ایسے مل گئ کہ کرسی بن گئ ۔۔۔ فلاں فلاں ۔۔۔ ؟؟ کوئ پاگل بھی اسکو نئ مانے گا۔ تو یہ اتنا کمپلیکس ڈی این اے خود بخود بن گیا ۔ اس کائینات کا ذرہ ذرہ چیخ چیخ...
  11. SRKhan

    Physics suggests that the future has already happened

    I just showed you what your video said. I'm not claiming to know anything. Now you have presented more evidence. I might watch it and reply. Meanwhile I suggest you to spend 5/10 minutes on this Wikipedia link...
  12. SRKhan

    Physics suggests that the future has already happened

    "He used word God in the context of some super ordering power" at 1:52 in your video. What else you call God?? He might not have believed in God of ibrahim but that doesn't matter. As far as one believe that there's a higher power who created all this order, seems good enough to me.
  13. SRKhan

    انجینئر محمد علی مرزا مفتی طارق مسعود سے مناظرہ کرنے سے بھاگ گئے؟

    انجینیئر فضول انسان نکلا۔ دعوے بلند باگ اور حرکتیں چول ۔۔۔
  14. SRKhan

    Who knew, there'd be Pakistanis running a hotel empire in Wyoming, America

    very interesting, should pay a visit!
  15. SRKhan

    Where are we heading?

    پتا چلے تو مجھے بھی بتائیں 😜
  16. SRKhan

    Where are we heading?

    hahaha ٹھرکی
  17. SRKhan

    Sensational evidence of PMLN's Shehbaz Sharif money laundering

    وہی خبر بار بار ؟ کی کیا بونگیاں ہیں
  18. SRKhan

    پی ٹی آئی والے اسے تمیز ہی سکھادیں، حنابٹ ، کنول شوذب میں لفظی جنگ

    Look at yourself before saying who's munafiq. You're intelligent enough to see what you said. I didn't use any foul language or personal attacks. I don't want to communicate with anyone here who cannot keep things rational. Please don't bother to reply further because I won't.